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Today sees the publication of two Dark Crisis spinoff and tie-in titles Dark Crisis: Young Justice #3 and Flash #785 With the Young Justice threesome finally realising that the 90s nostalgia world in which they have been living might not entirely be up to scratch It was a different time, etc, and things have moved[...]
Dark Crisis has now been revealed as the Dark Crisis On Infinite Earths, a sequel to the original Crisis On Infinite Earths from DC Comics But it is also the return of The Great Darkness, the ancient vacuum of existence which threatened everything at the same time in the Swamp Thing comics way back when,[...]
The Many Lives Of Hawkgirl
The Dark Crisis: Worlds Without A Justice League one-shots are deliberately set outside the DC Universe main continuity Which for some means they are ignorable Full of heart, telling deeply emotional stories, like Clark Kent being able to raise his son properly without the time jump Stuff like that But there may be other aspects[...]
Interior preview page from Dark Crisis Worlds Without a Justice League Green Lantern #1
John Stewart isn't dead in this preview of Dark Crisis Worlds Without a Justice League Green Lantern #1 Just retired Check out the preview below. DARK CRISIS WORLDS WITHOUT A JUSTICE LEAGUE GREEN LANTERN #1 DC Comics 0622DC039 (W) Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Nadia Shammas (A) Fernando Blanco, Jack Herbert (CA) Fernando Blanco When Pariah and his forces of the Great[...]
Dark Crisis Vs Flashpoint Beyond
Worlds Within Snowglobes – today's Dark Crisis #3 sees Deathstroke – employed by the Great Darkness after his death at the hands of Talia Al Ghul –  trying to start a Crisis Doing it in the way that only Deathstroke can. Today's Flashpoint Beyond #4 also knows what's going on, even from an entirely different part[...]
DC Comics
In today's Dark Crisis #3, Black Adam has had it with Jonathan Kent's attempts to put together a new Justice League Jonathan Kent can't lead them, Nightwing can't lead them and now neither can Black Adam. Dark Crisis #3 And everyone splits up… and goes back to their own book Such as in Harley Quinn #18 also[...]
Is The Secret of Flashpoint Beyond A New Title For Flashpoint Beyond?
Over San Diego Comic-Con, DC Comics revealed the news that Dark Crisis was not called Dark Crisis but was instead called Dark Crisis On Infinite Earths And that subsequent issues, and second printings of earlier issues would see the comic book renamed to reflect its true nature So I wondered if Flashpoint Beyond, having its[...]
Interior preview page from Flashpoint Beyond #4
Flashpoint Beyond time! All of DC Comics' continuity titles that don't feature a dead Justice League are presuimed to be set before Justice League #75 and Dark Crisis On Infinite Earths But what about Flashpoint Beyond? While mostly set in the parallel universe where Thomas Wayne survived his son and became an older, more ruthless[...]
Cover image for Dark Crisis #3
Dark Crisis #3 is upon us this Tuesday And as everyone is basically dead – the Justice League – Young Justice missing – and plenty of superfolk in the hospital, even Lian Harper – or Shoes –  the daughter of Arsenal and Cheshire has gone missing And Red Hood makes the kind of promise you[...]
PrintWatch: DC Comics is sending Dark Crisis On Infinite Earths #1, #2 and #3 all of them with 1:25 silver foil cardstock cover variants While Marvel Comics is giving second printings to Fortnite X Marvel: Zero War #2, Star Wars: The Mandalorian #1, Ant-Man #1, Daredevil #1, Gambit #1, Genis-Vell: Captain Marvel #1 And with[...]
Superman: Space Age A Prequel To Crisis On Infinite Earths (Spoilers)
So just as Dark Crisis On Infinite Earths is now a sequel to Crisis On Infinite Earths, so Superman: Space Age would have been a prequel to Crisis On Infinite Earths Cementing itself in the DC canon timeline with Clark Kent meeting Pariah in a Metropolis bar in the sixties. Setting itself up for the original[...]
DC Comics Previews
Dark Crisis On Infinite Earths is upon us, the new name for the series announced at San Diego Comic-Con 2022 But what you didn't see there are Ryan Sook's designs for the Batman character who will be appearing in the series, known as The Night.  Living in a world created entirely for the, As Sook[...]
Dark Crisis Adds Super Swamp Thing, Ram V, Mark Waid & Alex Paknadel
White Noise Swamp Thing time! After the reveal that Dark Crisis is actually called Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths and is a direct sequel to Crisis on Infinite Earths, panellists at the DC Dark Crisis panel at San Diego Comic-Con Joshua Williamson, Daniel Sampere, Jeremy Adams, Meghan Fitzmartin, Tom King and Ram V were joined by[...]
DC Comics
Today's Dark Crisis: Young Justice #2 is here to talk about nostalgia, its appeal and its dangers You know when people go on the internet to argue how modern superhero comic books are all about politics, and it wasn't like that in their day? When it totally was? But yet use the past as a[...]
Cover image for Dark Crisis: Young Justice #2
As if drenching readers in nostalgia isn't enough for the comics industry, in this previe of Dark Crisis: Young Justice #2, now it's affecting the heroes too! Check out the preview below. DARK CRISIS: YOUNG JUSTICE #2 DC Comics 0522DC026 0522DC027 – Dark Crisis: Young Justice #2 Nikola Cizmesija Cover – $4.99 (W) Meghan Fitzmartin (A) Laura Braga (CA) Max[...]