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Flashpoint Beyond
It is possible that you may have read a lot of this in earlier Flashpoint Gossip from Bleeding Cool And you may be waiting on, as we promised last night, some new Dark Crisis Gossip That's coming But for now, let's have a look at some of the new Flashpoint Universe history playing out in[...]
Cover image for Flashpoint Beyond #1
Thomas Wayne is back in this preview of Flashpoint Beyond #1… can the Nu-Nu52 be far behind?! No, we have no idea who was asking for a Flashpoint revival Well, besides Geoff "Jeff" Johns, that is In any case, here we are Check out the preview below. FLASHPOINT BEYOND #1 DC Comics 0222DC030 0222DC031 – Flashpoint Beyond #1 Cover[...]
Barry Allen Has A Fun Street Address In The Flashpoint Universe (Spoilers)
With Batman #122 hitting the top spot. Top Ten Bleeding Cool Bestseller List of the week Flashpoint Beats X-Men In The Bleeding Cool Bestseller List Flashpoint Beyond #0 X-Men #10 Batman Catwoman #11 Batman '89 #5 Venom #7 Black Panther #5 Star Wars Darth Vader #22 Sandman Presents Nightmare Country #1 King Spawn #9 X-Men 92 House of XCII #1 Thanks to the following Bleeding Cool Bestseller List[...]
Cover image for Flashpoint Beyond #0
DC didn't release anything new for this preview of Flashpoint Beyond #0, so we threw in a first look at Flashpoint Beyond #1 too It's more Dan Didio era Nu52 DC than you can shake a freaking stick at! Check out the preview below. FLASHPOINT BEYOND #0 DC Comics 0222DC027 0222DC028 – Flashpoint Beyond #0 Cover – $5.99 (W) Geoff[...]
Barry Allen Has A Fun Street Address In The Flashpoint Universe (Spoilers)
We ran some Flashpoint Beyond Gossip yesterday How about a Part Two? Probably tomorrow But for now, here's a quick look at Barry Allen's address in Central City in the Flashpoint Universe… Showcase #4 from 1956 is the first appearance of Barry Allen as The Flash Barry Allen looked to Thomas Wayne to help out the[...]
Flashpoint Beyond Gossip
Last week saw DC Comics republish the Flashpoint Batman with Thomas Wayne as Batman in his world with Martha Wayne as the Joker, and his dead son And it's all ahead of Flashpoint Beyond next, which is not only a sequel to that comic but also to Doomsday Clock, as well as giving us a[...]
DC Comics' Flashpoint Beyond Will Now Finish Four Months Late
DC Comics has decided to make some changes to the shipping schedules, availability and ordering prices for retailers for the upcoming Flashpoint Beyond They have told retailers that "to help ensure comic shops can meet the demand for the highly anticipated upcoming series Flashpoint Beyond, DC is offering a free approximately 50% overship of copies[...]
Flashpoint Beyond Tells You What DC Really Stands For
DC Comics has issued a preview of the upcoming Flashpoint Beyond #0 by Geoff Johns, Eduardo Risso, Trish Mulvihill, and Rob Leigh, featuring Batman, the characters Mime and Marionette from Watchmen sequel Doomsday Clock. The full preview runs below, and in all DC Comics titles out on the weeks of the 29th of March and the 5th[...]
Flashpoint: Batman Knight of Vengeance
Before returning to the world of Flashpoint in the upcoming Flashpoint Beyond event, DC Comics will be encouraging readers to catch up with what they see as "one of the key stories of the original saga" with Flashpoint: Batman Knight of Vengeance #1, a one-shot reprinting all three issues of the 2011 series by Brian[...]
Geoff Johns Has Killed Off 5G With Flashpoint Beyond
Well, now he is back, reviving his Flashpoint series in time for the Flash movie, and right from the off, addressing what happened to 5G. The Doomsday Clock has gone past midnight, wiping off the bloodspots and 5G has been averted And we get another DC whiteboard predicting the future. With Deathstroke in question, as well as[...]
Geoff Johns Returns To DC Comics For Flashpoint Beyond Event
But now he's back at DC with a big project that's a sequel to his Flashpoint event from over ten years ago… Flashpoint Beyond. And it begins with Flashpoint Beyond #0 from Geoff Johns and Eduardo Risso on the 6th of April, and a bi-weekly series beginning on the 19th of April  by Geoff Johns, Jeremy[...]
DC Universe Online Set To Launch World Of Flashpoint Chapter
Dimensional Ink is finally haded to one of the biggest storylines in DC Comics for DC Universe Online with World Of Flashpoint The next chapter expansion to the game will follow the story of the Flashpoint Batman (Thomas Wayne), along with Emperor Aquaman, Flashpoint Wonder Woman, and more characters who are fighting each other in[...]
Flashpoint Batman Paints the Town Red with Kotobukiya
A couple of weeks ago on Batman Day 2020, Kotobukiya teased their upcoming Flashpoint Batman statue Today is the day it gets a full reveal with new pictures and a full description Thomas Wayne is paying for the sins of his lost son in his world and Kotobukiya is bringing him back to finish the[...]
Batman: Hush, Flashpoint Go Dark Multiverse – Bryan Hitch, Dexter Soy
Turns out it is Death Metal-adjacent, one of a new series of Tales From The Dark Multiverse series, taking a classic DC Comics story and flipping it as a darker, sicker, parody of its former self. Hitch will write and draw Tales From the Dark Multiverse: Flashpoint #1 for November 17th while and Phillip Kennedy Johnson[...]
Michael Keaton is Reportedly in Talks to Return as Batman in The Flash
At one point, this movie flashed [Editor's Note: I'm not apologizing for that] the Flashpoint logo in Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con, and then we heard nothing else about it This new bit of information could make for an interesting movie and lends some more credibility that The Flash will deal with either time travel[...]