From SDCC: DC Dark Matter: No Variants, But Trifold Covers?

Yesterday at San Diego Comic-Con, during DC's Meet The Publishers Panel, DC co-publishers Jim Lee and Dan Didio made it clear that all Dark Matter titles will not only hold the line at $2.99, but that there will be no variant covers, either.

Variant covers have long been considered a staple of comic book publishing, as they bilk gullible fans and idiot speculators out of extra money for the same comic they could have gotten for a fraction of the price provide added value for discerning collectors. By eschewing variants, DC made clear that they really are trying to do something different with Dark Matter (like an all-male creative lineup — when's the last time anyone in comics tried that? Oh, yeah, most of the time).

In any case, as explained by the scientific Law of Conservation Of Mass Produced Funny Books, matter can neither be created nor destroyed. Especially dark matter, and double-especially dark matter variant covers. And since we won't be getting variant covers, Lee said at the DC Metal panel today that we'll be getting trifold covers instead, with extra art on the top and bottom.

And he explained it for the crowd:

Brilliant work, Jim. Folks, you don't get to be the head of a major comic book publisher without the ability to come up with innovative solutions to new problems like this one.

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