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Looks like Syfy is venturing into the body-swapping business, as the cable network announced plans to develop Image Comics' creator-owned comic book Crosswind as a television series. Written by Gail Simone (Birds of Prey, Clean Room) with art by Cat Staggs (Supergirl, Smallville), the comic book is being shepherded to the small screen by Vanessa Piazza[...]
Dark Matter
Syfy has pulled the plug on Dark Matter after three seasons Last weeks airing of the third season finale will now be the series finale Dark Matter followed an intergalactic crew that awakens on a derelict spaceship with no memories of who they are or why they are there The series starred: Marc Bendavid, Melissa O'Neil,[...]
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There are disgruntled voices amongst the freelance community at DC Comics regarding the announcements that all the Dark Matter titles will have levels of creator ownership and creator participance And many grumble that it's one rule for them, and another for the rest. I hear the "what about the workers" lament from those who look up and[...]
DC Creators Will Have Ownership Or Equity Positions In Dark Matter Books
It looks like DC's creators will have a little extra incentive to make sure people want to read their Dark Matter books. DC Co-Publishers Dan DiDio and Jim Lee bravely spoke with comics industry website and insomnia cure ICv2, despite witnessing what happened when Marvel's top executives did that earlier this year In the course of the[...]
'Dark Matter' Cast Talks The Importance Of Going Back To "True Sci-Fi"
Bleeding Cool reporter Michael Rupert writes: The Dark Matter panel consisted of Melissa O'Neil (Two), Anthony Lemke (Three), Alex Mallari (Four) and Joelle Ferland (Five) and the show's executive producer Jay Firestone The panel's moderator was Aaron Sayers from Syfy Wire. Sayers opened the night by asking what Firestone attributes the popularity of the show to[...]
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Yesterday at San Diego Comic-Con, during DC's Meet The Publishers Panel, DC co-publishers Jim Lee and Dan Didio made it clear that all Dark Matter titles will not only hold the line at $2.99, but that there will be no variant covers, either. Variant covers have long been considered a staple of comic book publishing, as they[...]
Dark Nights: Metal and Dark Matter Panel Talks Dark Multiverse Dangers
Bleeding Cool reporter Joe Glass writes: The panel to look at DC's impending mega event, Dark Nights: Metal, and beyond at the Dark Matter line of titles, shapes up at SDCC 2017 With Metal's creators Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, alongside Dark Matter contributors Steve Orlando, Philip Tan, James Tynion IV, Robert Venditti and more promised. Dan[...]
Brimstone Joins DC's 'Dark Matter' By Justin Jordan And Philip Tan
Two more titles have been announced for DC's Dark Matter lineup at the DC Metal panel at San Diego Comic Con We just told you about The Terrifics, by Jeff Lemire and Ivan Reis, giving us the closest thing we're likely to get to a Fantastic Four comic for the foreseeable future Joining that book[...]
DiDio, Lee Joke and Discuss The Future Of DC At SDCC Panel
They want to ensure that the experience of reading comic books constantly evolves, and that includes experimenting with things like page size to ensure the artists have more room to experiment. Talk eventually turned to Metal and the upcoming Dark Matter initiative DiDio called Metal a "big, crazy rock and roll story that is pure energy,[...]
Have DC Masterclass Artists For Dark Matter Only Signed Up For 3 Issues Each?
A great place to pick up tips, for pro to ask fellow pro about their respective salaries and to plot all manner of remuneration. And it was in such a conversation that a source learned that a number of the announced artists for the DC Masterclass/Dark Matter comic books already announced (but already slipping back the[...]
Tom King Teases 'Dark Matter' From DC Comics For December 2017
As posted by naughty, naughty Tom King from San Diego Comic-Con, A look ahead at what DC Comics has planned for the Dark Matter-verse towards the end of the year While Geoff Johns has Superman fighting Dr Manhattan, this is where DiDio's Boys will be diving into… This would seem to imply that Plastic Man and Mister[...]
Duke Thomas
With the release of Dark Days: The Casting, which reveals a great deal about the shape of upcoming Metal and Dark Matter afterwards, naturally everyone is poring over the book, and previous issue The Forge, for any more tidbits of information. Or, of course, you could just go to the source, as CBR did with Snyder[...]
Dark Days: The Casting
This sets up loads of the Dark Matter books to come, even if being nothing more than passing mentions Almost every new title is touched on or reflected in some way. So if nothing else, Dark Days: The Casting is the perfect teaser for what is to come in the next few months from DC, and[...]