Dennis the Menace Original Strip Looking for a Mr. Wilson to Bother

There are few characters from newspaper comic strips that span generations as a household name like Dennis the Menace. Whether you grew up reading about this troublesome kid in the Sunday papers, if you watched the TV series from the 1960s, or if you loved the 1993 John Hughes penned feature film where Dennis was captured by Christopher Lloyd's Switchblade Sam, the character has been ubiquitous for, what feels like, forever. Dennis the Menace was created by Hank Ketcham, no relation to Ash, who wrote and drew the strip from its launch in 1951 until 1994. Ketcham, who worked for Disney as an animator, based the iconic strip on his son, Dennis, who was four at the time of the comics' creation. The strip continues to this day from Ketcham's one-time assistance Ron Ferdinand and Marcus Hamilton, alongside Ketcham's son, Scott Ketcham. Heritage Auctions is currently hosting the sale of a Hank Ketcham original Dennis the Menace comic, so you can own this piece of history.

Dennis the Menace original artwork. Credit: Heritage Auctions
Dennis the Menace original artwork. Credit: Heritage Auctions

Hank Ketcham Studios Dennis The Menace Sunday Comic Strip and Color Guide dated 3-3-91(North American Syndicate, 1991).

Mr. Wilson doesn't make a very good babysitter… al he does is sit! This effervescent Hank Ketcham Sunday has an ink over graphite on Bristol board image area of 19" x 13", and the art is in Very Good condition, with two art correction paste-up corrections in the bottom tier, with some discoloration, and wrinkles and a tear in the right border, out of the image area. Signed by Hank Ketcham in the left border. Also includes the hand-colored Color Guide (Very Good condition, with a folded top left corner).

If you're looking to get this original piece of Sunday Papers goodness, you can head over to Heritage Auctions and bid on it now. Good luck out there, art collectors and Dennis the Menace fans!

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