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Diana Loves Cheetah? Wonder Woman #10 On The Oldest Of Love Interests

Spoilers! Spoilers! Spoilers! The relationship between Wonder Woman and Cheetah has been a long running one, for over eighty years/

Article Summary

  • Explore Wonder Woman and Cheetah's sapphic dynamic and their 80-year history.
  • Debate on Wonder Woman having a significant female love interest, favoring Cheetah.
  • Fans speculate romantic subtext in 'Wonder Woman 1984' and the comics.
  • Issue #10 hints at a deeper connection between Diana and Cheetah, out June 18th.

Spoilers! Spoilers! Spoilers! The relationship between Wonder Woman and Cheetah has been a long running one, for over eighty years. One recent thread on TwitterX by a Wonder Woman fan blew up, getting over two million views. It reminded us that "both characters are canonically sapphic, established in rebirth by Greg Rucka. Diana's definitive love interest is Steve Trevor but most people, if not all, would argue this pair isn't on the same level as Batcat and Clois" which was elaborated upon at length. "She had multiple male love interests, but at some point, DC needs to give a chance to have a story with a female love interest which all boils down to her villain Cheetah… most popular sapphic suggestions are not realistic to DC's criteria simply bc most of them already got their own endgame pairings which would mean any relationship with these characters would be short term and most of the ships she doesn't share a significant relationship with. as a fan, I want her queer relationship to be iconic. to be more talked about just like all these others in pop culture. more selling numbers. and who would happen to fill that spot? the cheetah. whose she shares stories with since the start." The thread looks at the movie and the different women who have been The Cheetah in the comic books, as well as their complicated relationship across media. "Wonder Woman 1984 almost followed the romantic route on screen. the director suggested she was thinking about having a romance between Diana Prince and Barbara Minerva, but because the whole story was about Steve Trevor and him coming back, there wasn't room for this. "

Wonder Woman Cheetah

Maybe there's room now? The poster writes. "this month, we will have a full-on cheetah issue where she has a big role in the role and will appear more in the run. make sure to pick this up after next week, out in june 18th!" Well, they don't know the half of it. Because a big fight scene between the two in tomorrow's Wonder Woman #10 ends like this…

DC Comics

Well now. And voice of the patriarchy, The Sovereign, who inspired their fight, talks through the various different Cheetahs that there have been at DC Comics, rewriting their place in DC Canon. But also a reconciliation and discussion between the wtwo.

DC Comics

That's banter. Teasing, Loving. Is Wonder Woman #10 going there? I don't know, I only have the pages I have seen, But it is certainly stepping in the right direction. Wonder Woman #10 by Tom King and Daniel Sampere is published tomorrow. And it is my favourite DC comic book right now…

Wonder Woman Cheetah

(W) Tom King (A) Daniel Sampere, Belen Ortega (CA) Daniel Sampere
Cheetah enters the fray as the Sovereign recruits Diana's greatest foe to deal the killing blow! Meanwhile, the Wonder Girls may have promised their mentor that they'd stay out of her fight, but well-behaved heroes seldom make history. Will they reach Diana before it's too late? Plus, Trinity takes to the skies…literally! Retail: $4.99 In-Store Date: 6/18/2024

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