Wonder Woman 1984 will feature Maxwell Lord in a key role.

Wonder Woman 1984 Director Teases Fans About Cheetah and Maxwell Lord

The director sat down with Syfy to discuss the relationship between Cheetah and Maxwell Lord, the villains in the film played by Kristen Wiig and Pedro Pascal Seems Wonder Woman will have her hands full with two different types of villains than she had to contend with in the first film The theme of 1984[...]

Wonder Woman and Cheetah Strike a Pose with Enesco

Wonder Woman and Cheetah Strike a Pose with Enesco

This time Wonder Woman gets her glory as she and Cheetah stand back to back I love the pose of the two as it gives a more dynamic touch to the statue Wonder Woman colors really shine here next to Cheetah's outfit too I like how each one of the statues isn’t the same style[...]

Wonder Woman Has No Gratitude for Cheetah in Wonder Woman #83 [Preview]

Wonder Woman Has No Gratitude for Cheetah in Wonder Woman #83 [Preview]

DC Comics has released a preview for tomorrow's Wonder Woman #83, in which The Cheetah goes out of her way to do something nice for Wonder Woman, for her own good Unfortunately, Wonder Woman is extremely ungrateful for The Cheetah's assistance and says mean things to her while beating her up.What's your problem, Diana?!In an[...]

Cheetah Rumbles in the Jungle with Tweeterhead Statue

Cheetah Rumbles in the Jungle with New Tweeterhead Statue [PREVIEW]

Cheetah is quite famous for being one of the nemeses of Wonder Woman Mostly recognized in DC Comic's newest "Rebirth" event, which introduced us to Dr Barbara Ann Minerva, an archeologist and friend of Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) who is transformed into this dangerous and blood-thirsty version of Cheetah This is most likely what we[...]

'DC Super Hero Girls' on Cartoon Network – Missing In Action? [OPINION]

Finally, Diana (Grey Griffin) faces the consequences of another girl's jealousy when she is forced to "#MeetTheCheetah."[caption id="attachment_1004106" align="alignnone" width="1327"] Cartoon Network/DC Comics[/caption]Through all five episodes, the show has managed to keep its charm, wit, and sense of whimsy DC Super Hero Girls is one of those rare shows that you can sit down and[...]

DC Collectibles DC Lucha Libre Figures 1

DC Collectibles Making New Line of Lucha Libre Inspired Figures

The first six figures will be Batman, Superman, Bane, Deathstroke, Wonder Woman, Cheetah, and Metallo II These will be on display this weekend at New York Toy Fair DC Collectibles executive creative director Jim Fletcher had this to say about the launch of the new line:“DC Collectibles is always striving to bring fans imaginative new ways[...]

John Malkovich Stars in New Tarzan Drama for the BBC, Available Now

John Malkovich starred in a new Tarzan drama for the BBC that aired over the weekend, and is available free, globally, on the iPlayer right now.Entitled Me, Cheetah, the show stars Malkovich as Cheetah, the chimpanzee actor who appeared in the Tarzan movies in the first half of the twentieth century, and died from diabetes-related illnesses at[...]

DC Collectibles NYCC Batman Rebirth Cowl

DC Collectibles Full Solicitations For January

Check everything out below! [gallery columns="2" size="full" ids="925618,925617,925616,925615"]DC ESSENTIALS: WONDER WOMAN, THE CHEETAH, SUPERGIRL AND CYBORG SUPERMAN ACTION FIGURES DC ESSENTIALS is a line of 1:10 scale action figures based on DC characters with universal appeal, accessible to both longtime collectors and those just starting out, which delivers authentic detail from a company with two decades’ experience[...]

DC Collectibles NYCC Batman Rebirth Cowl

DC Collectibles Brings New Batman Cowls, Figures, More to NYCC

Wonder Woman, the Cheetah, Supergirl and Cyborg Superman will hit stores in June 2019. [gallery columns="2" size="full" ids="925618,925617,925616,925615"]DC Essentials Action FiguresNew characters: Wonder Woman, the Cheetah, Supergirl, Cyborg Superman Designed by Jason Fabok Size: 1:10 scale On sale June 2019 MSRP: $26.00 each Available for pre-order on October 15Harley Quinn Red, White & Black: Harley[...]

Justice League #7 cover by Jim Cheung, Walden Wong, and Mark Morales

Justice League #7 Advance Review: An Absolute Blast

The Flash attempts to tap into the Still Force, but Black Manta, Cheetah, and Gorilla Grodd aim to kill him before he can Aquaman and Wonder Woman are Barry’s first and only line of defense.[caption id="attachment_911930" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Justice League #7 cover by Jim Cheung, Walden Wong, and Mark Morales[/caption]Justice League #7 brings the climax[...]

Justice League #6 cover by Jorge Jimenez and Alejandro Sanchez

Justice League #6 Advance Review: The League Rallies, Doom Reigns

Manta and Cheetah have been somewhat underserved in this story so far, and I hope to see more from them in issues to come.I won’t spoil what the Justice League is doing to gain the upper hand, but it is a bit cool, even if it isn’t the most unexpected plot turn in the world.Jorge[...]

Justice League #5 cover by Doug Mahnke, Jaime Mendoza, and Wil Quintana

Justice League #5 Review: Enter the Legion of Doom

This leads him to unite Sinestro, Gorilla Grodd, the Joker, Black Manta, and the Cheetah under the banner of the Legion of Doom.[caption id="attachment_896757" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Justice League #5 cover by Doug Mahnke, Jaime Mendoza, and Wil Quintana[/caption]Justice League #5 begins the story of the Legion of Doom’s union, motive, and mission[...]

Patty Jenkins Shares First Look at Pedro Pascal in 'Wonder Woman 1984'

stop...watching..." Jenkins said in her tweet.Can't…Stop… Watching… @PedroPascal1 !!! #WW84 — Patty Jenkins (@PattyJenks) July 30, 2018We still don't know who Pascal is playing in the film, but that suit is pretty damn slick, isn't it?We DO know that Chris Pine is returning (somehow) as Captain Steve Trevor, Kristin Wiig will be playing WW baddie Barbara Minerva/Cheetah,[...]

Justice League #4 cover by Jorge Jimenez and Alejandro Sanchez

Justice League #4 Review: Upping the Stakes Even Further

Gorilla Grodd, Cheetah, and Black Manta ambush Flash, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman.[caption id="attachment_885990" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Justice League #4 cover by Jorge Jimenez and Alejandro Sanchez[/caption]Things continue to spiral out of control for the Justice League in this issue The Legion of Doom has the upper hand, and we have something of a thematic through-line from[...]

Justice League #2 cover by Jorge Jimenez and Alejandro Sanchez

Advance Review: Justice League #2 – Following Up on the Titanic Premiere

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] The Totality has landed on Earth, and it's causing disruptions across the world. The Justice League are trying to keep its presence secret until they can discern what it is, but the truth is still spreading. Meanwhile, Lex Luthor and his Legion of Doom begin to scheme. The mystery of the Totality is […]

Wonder Woman #46 cover by Emanuela Lupacchino and Romulo Fajardo Jr.

Wonder Woman #46 Review: Abandon Ye Old Gods

[rwp-review-recap id="0"]Cheetah is captured by Veronica Cale, whom wants to examine Barbara Minerva further However, the Cheetah soon gets free and begins a warpath through Cale’s headquarters Wonder Woman stops Minerva from killing Cale, but the Cheetah begins a bizarre rant about “new dark gods” arriving on Earth Disturbingly, Diana sees something which supports these[...]

Patty Jenkins Confirms Kristen Wiig Will Play Cheetah in Wonder Woman 2

However, director Patty Jenkins took to Twitter today to confirm Wiig's signing and also apparently confirm via hashtag that Wiig will be playing Cheetah, a character created by William Marston and H.G Peter who has served as Wonder Woman's nemesis since she first appeared in Wonder Woman #6 back in 1943 Of course, which specific[...]

Mattel SDCC Exclusives: Heavy on DC, Hot Wheels. No WWE?

Without further ado, let us dive in:Mattel Wonder Woman and Cheetah DC Superhero Girls DollsUnleash your inner hero with this awesome two-pack that features Wonder Woman™ doll and Cheetah™ doll teamed up in exclusive outfits! Both 12-inch dolls can stand on their own and have multiple points of articulation for increased flexibility in action[...]

Finally, We Get That Cheetah Trailer We Should Have Had A Month Ago

Despite debuting in the "Here Come The Girls" trailer for Injustice 2, we haven't seen much of Cheetah And that's kind of a shame Finally, she's gotten her own trailer where we get to watch her use her claws, stunning acrobatics, and the environment against Wonder Woman, Robin, and Deadshot The trailer shows off Cheetah's combat[...]

A Return to Wonder – Wonder Woman #14 Review

With this latest instalment in the DC Rebirth Wonder Woman series, we return to the finale of Greg Rucka, Nicola Scott and Romulo Fajardo Jr.'s Year One story, presented us with a revised origin to the character in the current DC Universe. And frankly, it feels like a return for the character. Let me go […]