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Live-Action Wonder Woman Gets a Comic Book Makeover with Hot Toys
These figures blend the comic books and live-action films to life, and Wonder Woman has arrived This 1/6 scale release features the lovely Gal Gadot from her iconic role as Wonder Woman in the DC Universe She is beautifully sculpted but features a newly updated deco inspired by the DC Comics classic heroine colors Princess[...]
Now Wonder Woman Has A Daughter, Trinity
The Daily Lying In The Gutters remains a long-running run around the day before and the day ahead.  You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here. The ten most popular stories yesterday Lizzie is Wonder Woman's New Daughter, Also Known As Trinity Full Name Of Wonder Woman's Daughter, Trinity, Revealed (Spoilers) The Future Of The[...]
Grown-Up Damian Wayne, Jonathan Kent & Trinity from Wonder Woman #800
Tom King and Daniel Sampere will be the new creators of the ongoing Wonder Woman comic book from DC Comics later this year Sampere tweeted,  "I'm very excited to introduce you to Wonder Woman's daughter, TRINITY! Making her debut in issue #800 Our short story will take place in the future and will serve as[...]
Interior preview page from Wonder Woman #799
Y'know, kids, why just celebrate one landmark issue when you can squeeze out a celebration cash grab for two issues? That's what DC's doing with this week's Wonder Woman #799 Looks like good ol' DC couldn't wait for Wonder Woman #800 to kick off the festivities, so they're preemptively treating us to some early party[...]
Now Wonder Woman Has A Daughter, Trinity
Tom King and Daniel Sampere are to be the new creators of the ongoing Wonder Woman comic book from DC Comics later this year And now artist Sampere has tweeted some big news about the comics, posting "I'm very excited to introduce you Wonder Woman's daughter, TRINITY! Making her debut in issue #800 Our short[...]
McFarlane Toys Unveils DC Comics Super Powers Wave 4 Retro Figures
It only took four waves to dish out new vehicles for your DC Comics collection as Batman is hitting the streets with the Batmobile, and Wonder Woman is taking to the skies with her invisible jet Both vehicles are beautifully crafted and will fit a McFarlane Toys DC Comics Super Powers 4" figure inside it[...]
McFarlane Toys Unveils DC Comics Super Powers Wave 4 Retro Figures
This wave starts with a new variant of Wonder Woman from DC Comics Rebirth and the modern Aquaman with a trident and bearded sculpt Classic versions of Batman and Tim Drake as Robin are also featured in this wave with fabric capes, slick blister packaging, and iconic design All four classic figures come in at[...]
Iron Studios Debuts New Marvel Comics Spider-Man vs Villains Statue 
Wonder Woman has been unleashed with a brand new 11/6" tall statue, capturing her beauty and skill Visiting a fall Greek Temple, Princess Diana is placed on a nicely detail base showing off a fallen statue of Hermes Wonder Woman is loaded hand-painted detail on her armor as well as signature weapons with her cape,[...]
DC Comics
You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here. The ten most popular stories yesterday     A New Look for Wonder Woman and a New Name for Mary Marvel (Spoilers) Justified: U.S Marshal Raylan Givens Makes a Strong First Impression SCOOP: New DC Comics Character Designs For Knight Terrors Arby's Are Bringing Back Their Limited-Edition D&D Tabletop Dice Star Trek: Picard[...]
Interior preview page from Wonder Woman #798
Ah, Wonder Woman #798, hitting stores on Tuesday, April 18th Are you tired of godly drama? Well, too bad! Because Diana is back at it with her crew, trying to save Themyscira from vengeful divine beings in a "Lazarus Planet: Revenge of the Gods" tie-in Look at her teaming up with Ares and Mary Marvel,[...]
Wonder Woman Throws A Strike At Heritage Auctions
Wonder Woman and the rest of the DC heroes and villains appear on quite a few classic covers from the golden age, but I have always found the specific cover guy a fascinating creature I learned of this when I started working at a shop, the gold and silver age guys constantly come searching for[...]
DC Comics
So what about Mary Batson? Well first, Wonder Woman also looking a bit Shazammy herself, in a new look with the lightning bolt across her chest… And as for Mary Batson? It turns out you can't beat the classics And as lomg as you don't use it on the cover or refer to the name in[...]
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Conrad (A) Cian Tormey, Emanuela Lupacchino, Alitha Martinez (CA) Guillem March Is Wonder Woman responsible for the destruction wrought by the gods she's worshipped all her life? Back in Man's World at last, Diana sees the horrors of the gods' war and questions all she's done to ensure the Amazons' survival Is it too late to[...]
Scoop: Batman/Catwoman Crossover "Showdown" For Dawn Of DC
But has Superman taken over Lexcorp? Or has Lexcorp taken over Superman? Dawn Of DC: Nightwing gets "Titan!" as he had reformed the Titans as a new superteam replacing the role of the Justice League in the DC Universe. Dawn Of DC: Green Arrow is "Lost", his new series seeing him stranded in time and space and[...]
Wonder Woman’s Cameo Gets It's Own DC Multiverse McFarlane Figure 
Oddly enough, another member of the Shazam family did not make the cut, but Wonder Woman did At this rate, many fans know that Wonder Woman made a cameo appearance in the film McFarlane has taken this opportunity to give fans yet another Multiverse version of Gal Gadot featuring a new head sculpt Wonder Woman[...]
Interior preview page from Wonder Woman #797
Welcome to our weekly comic book preview! This week, we are taking a look at the upcoming Wonder Woman #797, from DC Comics In this preview, we see Wonder Woman bound by her own lasso, with the mysterious figure of Hera figuratively looming over her Will Wonder Woman's mother come to her rescue, or will[...]
Wonder Woman #1 is being relaunched by Tom King, Daniel Sampere and Tomeu Moray, in either September or July with the following description "After a mysterious Amazonian is accused of mass murder, the U.S Congress passes The Amazon Safety Act, barring all Amazons from American soil To carry out its new law, the government sets[...]
Wonder Woman Is Now 6 Foot 2 Inches, And 175 Pounds
DC's Who's Who Guide to DC Comics history and statistics lists the original Earth 2 Wonder Woman as being five foot eight inches, or 1.72 metres, tall, and 122 pounds or 55 kilos in weight. Post-Crisis, they would list the Earth One version of Wonder Woman as being five foot eleven inches or 1.8 metres, and[...]
Big Changes Coming To Wonder Woman & Amazons For Dawn Of DC (Spoilers)
Only the brave heroes Wonder Woman and Shazam stand in their way, but will their combined powers be enough?" This week's Lazarus Planet: Revenge Of The Gods #1 by G Willow Wilson, Becky Cloonan, Michael W Conrad, Cian Tormey and Alitha Martinez begins a new crossover event, Revenge Of The Gods, that gets backed into Lazarus[...]
BCTV Daily Dispatch
Making the BCTV Daily Dispatch menu board for today? NBC's Saturday Night Live, Paramount+'s Star Trek: Picard, Crunchyroll's My Hero Academia, FOX's Bob's Burgers, James Gunn/Wonder Woman/Superman, AMC's Lucky Hank, FOX's The Great North, The CW's Superman & Lois, NBC's The Blacklist, Marc Guggenheim/Arrowverse, AMC's Fear the Walking Dead, BBC's Doctor Who, Netflix's Stranger Things,[...]
wonder woman
A few weeks after that, Gunn was responding to a question on Twitter about Wonder Woman's future status in the new DCU and if WW fans would have "a long time" to wait before she returns to the spotlight The question came as Wonder Woman fans noticed that there were projects announced that focused on[...]
Dave Gibbons is appearing at Forbidden Planet London today, so I'm going to pop down… The ten most popular stories yesterday Tom King & Daniel Sampere Relaunch Wonder Woman #1 for Dawn of DC Daredevil: Jon Bernthal's Punisher "Born Again" Without Skull Logo? Si Spurrier & Mike Deodato Relaunch The Flash #1 For Dawn Of DC  Unpublished Marvel Books[...]
Tom King & Daniel Sampere Relaunch Wonder Woman #1 for Dawn of DC
Just as The Flash #1 is relaunching in September for Dawn of DC, so Wonder Woman #1, from Tom King, Daniel Sampere and Tomeu Moray, will also be relaunching in September (or July, DC isn't too sure it seems) "After a mysterious Amazonian is accused of mass murder, the U.S Congress passes The Amazon Safety[...]
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Yesterday, we reported on how DC Studios co-head James Gunn reassured Wonder Woman fans that he & Peter Safran's DCU definitely has a place for her in it, and that more news would be arriving sooner rather than later But for now, the fans have the satisfaction of knowing that they'll be learning a lot more[...]
BCTV Daily Dispatch
Our line-up for this morning includes Buffy the Vampire Slayer star Charisma Carpenter sharing a look back to the '90s con scene, DC Studios' James Gunn reassuring Wonder Woman fans, NBC's The Blacklist releasing preview images for the final season-opener, John Cleese "apologizing" for his upcoming Fawlty Towers sequel series, Netflix's Ozark showrunner Chris Mundy[...]
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How old are they going to be? Who's going to be playing them? How different will the DCU Batman be from Matt Reeves' take? When is Reeves starting up on The Batman Part 2? How's Gunn doing with his Superman: Legacy script? But there's been one name that's been painfully missing-in-action in all of this…[...]
Interior preview page from Wonder Woman #796
Greetings, comic book fans! This week I'm here to bring you a preview of Wonder Woman #796 Eros has a lot of trouble getting over a breakup in this preview, and has anyone considered giving him some ice cream? Joining me this week is Bleeding Cool's AI writing assistant, LOLtron I've been asked to get[...]
The Wonder Woman God Killer Sword Arrives from Factory Entertainment
The DCEU might be changing, but some of those films will still always stand out to DC Comics fans like Wonder Woman The film took us back to WWI and captured some incredible fights and sequences of the Princess in action Factory Entertainment was one of the few companies that brought fans some replicas from[...]
Sean Murphy's World's Finest: White Knight Does The Justice League
But what about what Murphy will be doing himself? He will be taking the Murphyverse beyond the Batbooks… "After that, I plan to write/draw the next big volume, World's Finest: White Knight! Not only will we address Superman and Wonder Woman, but the rest of the Justice League as well I won't spoil too much, but[...]
The lineup included the animated Creature Commandos, the Amanda Waller (Viola Davis)-focused Waller, the Green Lantern series Lanterns, the Wonder Woman prequel series Paradise Lost, and a Booster Gold series And let's not forget what Matt Reeves has going on in his "Elseworlds" The Batman universe with the Colin Farrell-starring Penguin as well as an[...]