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Trekker's Ron Randall Illustrates A One-Of-A-Kind Wonder Woman Cover
If you'd like to see how Ron Randall can capture characterization in a single image, there is currently a Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary Special #1 sketch cover on Heritage Auctions today This sketch cover is a perfect example of how the creator behind the epic sci-fi drama Trekker uses artwork to key into ephemeral aspects of[...]
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And then there's Yara Flor, the current Wonder Girl and Future Wonder Woman of Brazil who hit headline for… coming from Brazi, I guess? And all now with their own Hershey chocolate bars, and you can how much time HErshey put into this by their choice of Comic Sans as a font for the ad. The[...]
Worlds Without A Justice League Reveals What Pariah Did In Dark Crisis
Tini Howard has revealed the covers and solicitation for her Dark Crisis: Worlds Without A Justice League: Wonder Woman comic book, out in September Which also gives you the correct reading of that final page scene from Dark Crisis #1, just in case you were in any doubt "To power his weapons of war, Pariah[...]
Wonder Woman is now on HBO Max (Image: WarnerMedia)
For nearly four years, three seasons, two networks, and two titles (Wonder Woman for the first season on ABC and The New Adventures of Wonder Woman for the remaining two seasons on CBS), Lynda Carter was our Diana Prince And you know what? With tons of respect to Gal Gadot (who brought her on for[...]
USA Comics #3 features an invisible plane technology story (Timely, 1942)
The featured story of USA Comics #3 centers around a top-secret scientific process that can make planes invisible.  The issue hit the newsstands around November 24, 1940, which happens to be about two weeks after Wonder Woman's invisible plane debuted in Sensation Comics #1.  That's the kind of coincidence that likely means something during wartime,[...]
Cover image for Wonder Woman #787
Wonder Woman delivers a beating to reclusive incel Altuum the Survivor in this preview of Wonder Woman #787 Will he learn his lesson and stop screwing with the Amazons? Let's be honest: in real life or comics, does anyone ever learn any lesson? Check out the preview below. WONDER WOMAN #787 DC Comics 0322DC166 0322DC167 – Wonder Woman #787[...]
DC Comics
Originally Wonder Woman's long-lost twin sister, Nubia has since variously been presented as: a non-sibling Amazon contemporary of Wonder Woman, as a parallel-universe version of the hero, and as an inheritor of the Wonder Woman mantle in a future timeline Created by Robert Kanigher and Don Heck, Nubia debuted in Wonder Woman #204 in 1972[...]
George Perez Inspires A New Character In Today's Teen Titans Academy
All of Wonder Woman's headpieces over the years, including the big sunglasses And one for Yara Flor… The Trial Of The Amazons #2 Naming conventions for superhero comic books don't always match from one century to the other I guess. The Trial Of The Amazons #2 Hey, at least Cassie and Donna exist now And both canonically Wonder Girls[...]
Cover image for Trial of the Amazons #2
Conrad, and Joelle Jones Art by Joelle Jones, Elena Casagrande, Skylar Patridge, and Laura Braga With the trial postponed and the greater evil revealed, the very existence of the Amazons is at stake! A foe from Diana's past has come through Doom's Doorway seeking revenge and anarchy to destroy Wonder Woman and her people once[...]
DC Comics Spoils Whodunnit In Trial Of The Amazons? (Spoilers)
This week sees the release of Trial Of The Amazons: Wonder Girl #2, continuing Joelle Jones' stories with Yara Flor, the Wonder Woman of the Future State And glorious it looks as well But might DC Comics have inadvertently spoiled the result of the Trial Of The Amazons who-killed-Hippolyta in their July 2022 solicitations, a[...]
Cover image for Wonder Woman: Evolution #6
Wonder Woman and Donna Troy take on the Amazons in this preview of Wonder Woman: Evolution #6, but all is not what it seems Will Diana stop hallucinating before the new villain debuts? Check out the preview below. WONDER WOMAN: EVOLUTION #6 DC Comics 0222DC137 0222DC138 – Wonder Woman: Evolution #6 Dave Johnson Cover – $4.99 (W) Stephanie Phillips (A)[...]
Cover image for Wonder Woman #786
Things aren't going exactly according to plan with the Trial of the Amazons in this preview of Wonder Woman #786, as the participants have all disappeared But thanks to Amazonian bureaucracy, the trial has to continue already because it's already started Talk about a waste of taxpayer dollars! Check out the preview below. WONDER WOMAN #786 DC[...]
Cover image for Wonder Woman Historia: The Amazons #2
Hippolyta tracks the Amazons through a trail of dead men in this preview of Wonder Woman Historia: The Amazons #2 Couldn't she have just used a GPS?! Check out the preview below. WONDER WOMAN HISTORIA: THE AMAZONS #2 DC Comics 0122DC080 0122DC081 – Wonder Woman Historia: The Amazons #2 Becky Cloonan Cover – $7.99 (W) Kelly Sue DeConnick (A/CA) Gene[...]
Cover image for Sensational Wonder Woman Special #1
A Wonder Woman cosplayer is bullied in this preview of Sensational Wonder Woman Special #1, and DC Superheroes just stand around doing nothing Batman? Supergirl? Green Lantern? You're all just gonna stand there?! Come on! Check out the preview below. SENSATIONAL WONDER WOMAN SPECIAL #1 DC Comics 0122DC057 0122DC058 – Sensational Wonder Woman Special #1 Junggeun Yoon Cover –[...]