Doc Justice and the J-Team to Change (Part Of) Marvel Universe Forever

Marvel is introducing a new superhero team, and it's going to change the Marvel Universe forever! Well, part of the Marvel Universe, at least. At least, that's what Marvel Editor Nick Lowe claims in a new promo video posted to

"First there was the Avengers. Then the X-Men. Through the years we've had the Defenders, the Thunderbolts, and now, I'm so excited to share with you a new Superteam: the J-Team!" a visibly agitated Lowe shouts at the viewer." The world isn't fair! The world isn't right! Doc Justice and his motley crew of teen superheroes are coming onto the scene to save the innocent and bring down the evil!"

"In the seventeen years I've been editing comics, I've loved ushering new characters," Lowe claims. "But I've never been so excited about a new team. The J-Team is gonna change part of the Marvel Universe forever. I know we say that a lot. But it's true."

"Not much is known about the man behind the mask, but Doc Justice and the J-Team are joining the Marvel tapestry of incredible characters to bring a new type of comic to you comic book readers," Lowe concludes. "Look for Doc Justice in upcoming comics and stay tuned to for more incredible news about the J-Team."

Hopefully, Nick Lowe took a nap after recording this video, as he seemed to expend a lot of energy.

Lowe's wording is interesting. He doesn't say that this team will star in their own comic, but rather that they will be featured in upcoming comics. That its only a "part" of the Marvel Universe that will be changed forever represents a downgrade from the usual Marvel hyperbole, which always claims the entire Marvel Universe will be changed. This seems to indicate Doc Justice may be coming to a specific family of books. But which one? And in what way will this be "a new type of comic?"

Check out the video below and post your speculation in the comments, true believers.

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