When Donald Trump And His Supporters Turn Savage Against The Dragon (SPOILERS)

In the last issue of the Savage Dragon, the original holder of that name sacrificed his life to stop an alien invasion of his Earth, alongside his son and current Dragon, Malcolm. But this is Trump's America. And from creator Erik Larsen's perspective, that means a strong reaction from the President, backed by his many supporters on the street. So in Savage Dragon #226 he's nailing his colours to the mast.

And for once that over-the-top cover is not an exaggeration regarding what's going on inside.

And as Trump's voice carries and inspires a revolution against Dragon and his allies, Larsen taps it into even more recent history…

And it's not just the Mexican and Muslim parallel, but President Obama's endorsement and later pardon for Savage Dragon gets thrown into the mix.

If Marvel Comics are planning on becoming a little less politics-on-the-sleeve, looks like Erik Larsen to continue to go further than they ever would – on so many content matters as well. Even with the kids.

Of course, it's not just Dragon being affected…

It's everyone. And with aliens being thrown into the wasteland that is Dimension X right now, there is another wasteland that might offer a slightly more inviting refuge, as the Dragons look like they will be exiled from the United States of America.

Man, anyone who watched Game Of Thrones knows the danger to any dragons that take flight to the frozen north….

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