First Look Inside Shaft #2, Army Of Darkness #2 And Battlestar Galactica: Death Of Apollo #2

This week saw the release of Shaft #1, Army of Darkness #1 and Battlestar Galactica: The Death of Apollo #1. According to Dynamite, all three of them are close to sold out. This week is also the final order cutoff for the second issues of those same three books. We have a first look at those second issues here for you now. If you want them, you should mention it to your local comic shop right away.

Shaft #2 by David F. Walker and Bilquis Evely:

Shaft02-Cov-C-SubGreeneShaft02-01 Shaft02-02 Shaft02-03 Shaft02-04 Shaft02-05


Army of Darkness #2 by Cullen Bunn and Larry Watts:

AODspace02-01 AODspace02-02 AODspace02-03 AODspace02-04 AODspace02-05 AODSpace02-Cov-A-Hardman

Battlestar Galactica: the Death of Apollo #2 by Dan Abnett and Dietrich Smith.

BsgDOA02-01_color BsgDOA02-02_color BsgDOA02-03_color BsgDOA02-04-color BsgDOA02-05-color BSGDOA02-Cov-A-Mayhew

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