Goldie Vance #13 Cancelled, Series Moves To Original Graphic Novels

Last year, Boom! launched a new comic book about a teen detective-in-training called Goldie Vance, by Hope Larson and Brittney Williams. A four issue series, it was successful enough to become an ongoing series, co-written with Jackie Ball and Noah Hayes moving onto the art duties.

But markets and tastes change and Goldie Vance #13, solicited for May, will no longer be published in that format. So much so that Diamond has stricken it entirely from the Previewsworld system.
Here's what used to be there.

Goldie Vance #13

(W) Hope Larson, Jackie Ball (A) Noah Hayes (CA) Hope Williams

New Story Begins Here! The Crossed Palms is all aflutter when the biggest rock band in America comes to St. Pascal. But with the big band comes a big mystery, and Goldie is on the case!

So what's to happen? Well, like SEX from Joe Casey and Piotr Kowalski, published by Image Comiss, the series is moving to serialised graphic novel format instead. The story would have been in issue #13-16 will be told in the fourth graphic novel without being serialised in individual issues first – and will then be followed by the fifth and sixth.

Is this a bit of a trend beginning?

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