Is Gwen Stacy Coming Off The Marvel Missing In Action MIA List?

Last week, Dark Ages finally came off the Marvel Missing In Action MIA List, titles that were dropped from publication schedules after the pandemic shutdowns and never returned. It has joined WEB Of Spider-Man and Darkhold in recent months as well. Other missing titles such as Amazing Mary Jane, Amazing Spider-Man: The Daily Bugle, Morbius, The Rise Of Skywalker, Ghost Rider were put out of their misery, with statements received saying they were taken out behind the stables and shot in the head. But what of Gwen Stacy by Christos Gage and Todd Nauck which had #1 and #2 published over a year ago and then – nothing? Well, Amazon has just updated listings for a collection of #1-#5 scheduled for January 2023. Which would suggest that the series will return to publication with the remaining four issues of its first arc, at least, in 2022.

Marvel's first sweetheart gets her first miniseries, and in the classic Marvel Manner! Gwen and Peter may not have met until AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #31, but that doesn't mean Gwen's life began on that page. Meet Gwen Stacy, beauty queen of Standard High, sure, but so much more. Science whiz Gwen Stacy (you don't think she landed in Peter's advanced science classes at ESU because of her good looks, did you?) has an indomitable spirit that, much to her police Captain dad's chagrin, gets her into serious trouble a lot! This in-continuity series will prove yet again why Gwen is the greatest, answer a ton of Marvel U mysteries and set up AMAZING SPIDER-MAN's first true love story. COLLECTING: GWEN STACY (2020) 1-5

The list has really shrunk to the following four tiles – will it be three soon?

  • The Punisher Vs Barracuda
  • Gwen Stacy
  • Nebula
  • New Warriors

Amazon listings aren't always reliable, and you get stubs of projects such as The Punisher Vs Barracuda, due out this month apparently, or Nebula: Upgrade which had two issues of its 5-issue limited series published which has its collection currently scheduled by Amazon for 2076, of New Warriors: New Is The New Old which was meant to be collected last October but the issues of which were never even published. The Gwen Stacy listing however appears to resemble the listing scheduling that Darkhold got, and suggests that maybe, just maybe, that title may be returning for the remains of its run at least. Here are how the remaining Gwen Stacy solicited issues looked;

Is Gwen Stacy Series Coming Off The Marvel Missing In Action List?
Gwen Stacy #3

GWEN STACY #3 (Of 5)
Captain George Stacy (a.k.a. Gwen's dad) has been implicated in a murder and it's up to Gwen to clear his name. With Green Goblin and the Crime Master involved, it's not going to be easy! Luckily, Gwen isn't doing it alone. She's got her friend Harry Osborn, and her boyfriend (?!) Darius Scanlon, helping her. Oh, and Harry's dad, Norman Osborn, is helping them out too! Forgot about that good news! 32 PGS./Rated T …$3.99

Is Gwen Stacy Series Coming Off The Marvel Missing In Action List?
Gwen Stacy #4

GWEN STACY #4 (Of 5)
It's Friday Night Lights time as Standard High takes on Flash Thompson and the Midtown Tigers! Gwen is there to cheer on her boyfriend against Flash, but no one was expecting the Green Goblin to crash the event. And Spider-Man is nowhere to be seen. It's down to the strangest super heroes of all to save Gwen and friends! 32 PGS./Rated T …$3.99

Is Gwen Stacy Series Coming Off The Marvel Missing In Action List?
Gwen Stacy #5

GWEN STACY #5 (Of 5)
Variant Cover by Greg Smallwood
Gwen continues, against her father's wishes, to clear George Stacy's good name. She's been threatened, attacked and belittled, but Gwen has no quit in her. This final issue of the series pits her up against a man of rising importance in the NYC criminal underworld: Wilson Fisk, the future Kingpin of Crime. 32 PGS./Rated T …$3.99

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