Holguin And Haberlin Reteam For Medieval Spawn / Medieval Witchblade Series

One announcement that seems to have be under reported coming out of Comic-Con last week is that later this year there will be a new Medieval Spawn / Medieval Witchblade series from Brian Holguin and Brian Haberlin. This was announced via Todd McFarlane with the below image being released.


The pair have met before in 1996 in a series written by Garth Ennis and drawn by Brandon Peterson.

Medieval Spawn is Sir John Of York, a knight from the mid-15th century, who fought during a civil war in Bahavia. He was released from service to Louis II after he and three others mistakenly killed the Archbishop. Their mistake was taking the King's angry words as an order. Sir John attempted to approach the King and see forgivness while on a battlefield in Freedonia, but he was slain by the King's bodyguards. John was sent to hell, for all the killings he had done and the enjoyment he took from it. He made a deal with Satan and was returned to Earth, several years in the future and clad in medieval looking symbiotic armor. Upon realizing what had happened, Sir John traveled throughout Bahavia, doing good deeds in the hope he would be redeemed.

Medieval Witchblade is Katarina Godliffe, a thief, a treasure hunter, and an adventurer. While shoveling manure to pay off a bar tab, she digs up the Witchblade. A nearby battle between The Darkness and Medieval Spawn awakens the Witchblade, which bonds with Katarina. She assisted Sir John, not knowing his identity, in defeating the Darkness. But once the battle was complete, he revealed that they had once been lovers, which Katarina just laughed about. The Witchblade abandoned Katarina after a child died in a bar brawl. She would go to the Faerie realm where he would become sheriff and live for centuries.


How much of the original storyline will remain in this new series is not known. More information should be coming soon as we are already seeing solicitations for books shipping in October.

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