How Not To Run Your Social Media If You Are An Illinois Comic Book Store


Dark Star Comics is a store in Princeton, Illinois. The owner uses the Facebook page for the store to post amusing cartoons, pictures of cute animals and occasionally details about store sales or problems with Diamond.

But on March 30th, it took a different turn.

If you want anything from this Dark Star location, buy it now. I am closing the Princeton (Loserville) shop. Princeton is just too poor to support anything worthwhile – and I just can't stand its apathy. It's a sad and sorry place – and I full heartedly regret giving this place a shot. I simply just can't be bothered anymore – and I have wasted enough of my money here. Prices will remain as they stand. If you can't afford them at the current reduced prices, then you just can't afford them. Big surprise. Good luck and best wishes, Princeton. I can't wait to see your kids working at Walmart for peanuts in five years ; )

Which is an interesting take on using social media to appeal to an audience.

Over 300 comments later… it started off gently.

Rachel Berry Sorry to hear it, my daughter loves your store (*also I don't think Princeton as a whole deserves such snarky comments. A lot of us enjoy supporting local businesses)

Then slightly less gently

Justin Hoffeditz Look man I can understand why your salty but don't be a prick secondly when insulting people in the mid west you'll be wanting to use "inbred"

Before the floodgates opened. From the verbose,

Courtney Dickinson Hartmann Dear Mr. Comic Store man! This is really awful for you to say, you have labeled our whole town! The town I was born and raised in! I love living here, I am successful and my kids will not be working at Walmart for peanuts! I'm sorry that your store did not make it. I'm sorry that you did not get the money you think you deserved! But it is a comic store. I know my daughter enjoyed coming up to your store and visiting frequently but I will not allow her to step foot in your door after comments like this! I really hope you pack up fast because we will all be glad to see you off. We don't want this or need this in our community! We ARE Princeton and we love our town! Hopefully next time you will inspect your (Loserville) community a little better before you spend your peanut money here! I will say an extra prayer for you tonight and hope next time you keep your rude comments off social media cause. Take care and good luck to your next community!

To the pithy.

Jennifer Johnston Muxfeld I dont think anyone should put one more penny into his business- what an ass

Jacob Doan It's sad when a business is so pathetic that it can't even survive in "Loserville," but congrats, you achieved that level of failure!

Nick Wealer I'm not sure I've ever read anything more unprofessional in my life.

Rick Komperda You are such a tool. What an ignorant post.

Xander Thrace What a f-class ing dick, no wonder you are closing your doors. Take responsibility for your failings instead of blaming others. Prick.

Heather DeKeyser Anyone wanna help me report this to Princeton or tag Bureau county?

Judson Scott I'm glad an asshole like you is leaving town.

There were visual comments….

12439482_1144818022208796_711091768193984810_n 12938303_10154717053237306_5641297113660804953_n

Still, it kept coming.

Austin Rosene Should probably get into another line of work. Being an ass to customers isn't going to help at all. Because of this, I'll never go into any Dark Star Comics or any business you run. I didn't support your business and now I'm glad I didn't.

Amber Park-Rodriguez No wonder your business failed. It's not Princeton, it's you. Dick.


Richard Pendagrass Did you ask your mom if it was alright to put all your stupid magazines back in her basement with your crusty tube socks and mackintosh computer??

Sammie Sila Wow, what a dick. Ever think that maybe you just suck and that's why Princeton hates you? Lol

Mitch Ellerbrock The reason your store failed was not the location. It was because your store is f-cking awful. And you're a shitty human.

Megan Linzy I don't live in Princeton, but you might as well close your doors now. Word spreads fast in a small community. You will make no money now b

Cody Workman Now grab the rest of your crap and go back to living in a van down by the river

Russell Kurth Flaming bags-o-poo?! Anyone?

Daniel Henderson Between magic and dnd i spend about six to eight hundred a month in the comic store i go to which i gladly make the drive to instead of shopping local because as my wife stated you are a c-nt some of us have the money other shops do well but no one is going to spend their money being down graded by some cum guzzling c-nt

And on and on and on, as people started posting on all of those kitten posts as well. So how if Dark Star Comics react? Apologetically? With contrition? No.

Dark Star Comics If any other white trash would like to spout off, please be my guest. I love seeing how trashy you all can be… I'm laughing at the failures of Princeton – and all the money I wasted bringing it something fun.

And now, after receiving some homophobic abuse amongst the insults, he has decided to post pictures of Batman and Superman kissing.

Such a difference from when they opened in 2014, "Wülf Cinq-Mars, owner of Dark Star Comics in Princeton, promises his recently opened store in Princeton offers a fun atmosphere."

Fun for some, I suppose. Well, it may be a little late, but finally all of Princeton seems to have noticed that Dark Star Comics exists.


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