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How The Transformers Universe Extends In Void Rivals #3 (Spoilers)

Void Rivals #3 has just dropped on Amazon Kindle, in the UK at least, and the Transformers reference are dropping alomgside it.

Void Rivals #3 has just dropped on Amazon Kindle, in the UK at least, courtesy of Image Comics, Skybound and Hasbro. Australia has already had it for 11 hours and change. America will have to wait a little longer…

Void Rivals #3 Kindle & comiXology
by Robert Kirkman (Author), Lorenzo De Felici (Cover Art, Artist), Mateus Lopes (Artist)  Format: Kindle Edition
ROBERT KIRKMAN & LORENZO DE FELICI's new shared universe debuts a monstrous new villain! Fighting for their lives to return to the Sacred Ring, Darak and Solila face a new threat—capture! And they're not the only prisoners on this ship…

The comic book owned by Hasbro continues to explore the back stories of these two alien races, so much at war, and yet so identical in their background, once the masks are off. It is the Catholics and Protestants of Northern Ireland, it is the Israelis and Palestinians, it is India and Pakistan, playing out as an intergalactic allegory. With the suggestion that this might even apply to Autobots and Decepticons or GI Joe and Cobra, as part of The Energon Universe that includes Transformers and GI Joe, but aside from issue 1 and Jetfire, they are fiddling around the edges…

How The Transformers Universe Emerges In Void Rivals #2 (Spoilrs)
Void Rivals #2

So last month we got the Skuxxoids aliens from the Marvel cartoon and the Japanese manga. And in Void Rivals #3, they go further. First we have… Scorponok?

How The Transformers Universe Extends In Void Rivals #2 (Spoilers)

It seems not. This robotic scorpion does not speak or transform, a little like the version that appeared in the Transformers movie? But there are no identifying Transformers signs. He does look a bit like a Zoid though.

How The Transformers Universe Extends In Void Rivals #2 (Spoilers)

And then we do get Slizardo. Looking a little different in in Void Rivals #3 than before in the Marvel cartoon.


Slizardo worked for Lord Gyconi on the casino asteroid, Monacus in the Marvel Transformers cartoons, ordered to keep tabs on Transformer Smokescreen and space gambler Bosch only to have his life saved by Autobot bounty hunter Devcon, who Slizardo swore loyalty to, only for Devcon to abandon him when he had soaked him for information. Later Slizardo was working with Skuxxoid as mercenaries, working for Transformer factions.

How The Transformers Universe Extends In Void Rivals #2 (Spoilers)

In Transformers lore,  The Age of Wrath is a period in Cybertron's ancient history in which the alien invaders, the Quintesson, control Cybertron and introduce Transformation to its citizens.

How The Transformers Universe Extends In Void Rivals #2 (Spoilers)

While Nebulons (later, Nebulans) are from the planet Nebulos and have been involved with the Transformers in the co-operative Headmaster, Targetmaster, and Powermaster technologies, that saw Nebulon citizens binary bonded to Transformers on both flavours, though the details of this have changed from publishing continuity to continuity. It was decided at one point that they were space-faring humans… and in Void Rivals #3 they seem to match with our Romeo and Juliet's Respective race as well.

So no more Transformers in Void Rivals #3 but plenty of… Transformers stuff.

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