Jim Mahfood's Visual Funk Explodes in Three Dimensions in New Kickstarter Book

Rosston Meyer writes to Bleeding Cool about Jim Mahfood's Pop Up Funk, now on Kickstarter…

A new release from Poposition Press features indie comic artist Jim Mahfood's unique Visual Funk style in a three dimensional pop up book format. Pop Up Funk takes some of Mahfood's best known work (Grrl Scouts, Everybody Loves Tank Girl) and transforms each piece into a sculptural art piece in this gorgeous art book.

Jim Mahfood's Visual Funk Explodes in Three Dimensions in New Kickstarter Book

Pop Up Funk is available in two editions, each with six pop up spreads opening flat to 11" x17". There's the Cosmic Queso Edition and the ultra deluxe Neon Jive Edition, which includes   exclusive cover art highlighted with chromatic foil, and comes housed in a laser etched neon red acrylic slipcase.

Mahfood's work is influenced by comic books, graffiti art, anime and psychedelic '60s imagery; and he's worked for every major comic book publisher in his 20+year career. His creator-owned series Grrl Scouts has a page in the book and he most recently provided loading screen artwork for Fortnite Season 10 along with concept art for Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse.

Each copy of Pop Up Funk comes with a shark detective pin, and Mahfood also created a  bunch of additional artwork for the project in the form of prints, apparel, stickers and more. Check out the Kickstarter here.

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