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Painkiller Jane Returns From Jimmy Palmiotti and Romina Moranelli
Another film was announced in 2016 with Jessica Chastain but has yet to come to fruition. Painkiller Jane Returns From Jimmy Palmiotti and Romina Moranelli And now she is returning to comics with a new Kickstarter about to launch for a Painkiller Jane one-shot, from Jimmy Palmiotti and Romina Moranelli, designed by John J Hill The Kickstarter[...]
Archie Comics Kickstarts A 700-Page Kevin Keller Omnibus
It's Kevin Keller time! It wasn't too long ago that Archie Comics caused massive ructions across social media for running a Kickstarter for an upcoming project The reaction was incredibly negative, painting Archie Comics as taking advantage of a promotional platform intended for individual creatives rather than multinational publishing giants Of course, that was a[...]
E.M.Press - A New Publisher From Gary Erskine & Paul M Mathews
with the kickstarter for First Men On Mars about to launch. E.M.Press – First Men On Mars E.M.Press – First Men On Mars Written in the spirit of Wells and Verne, First Men on Mars details a failed Victorian mission to Mars With art by some of the U.K.'s finest comicbook artists — including Gary Erskine (MARVEL, DC Comics, IMAGE),[...]
Jeff Parker And Drew Moss Create New Comic, Blighter
Whatever the subhead, Blighter is a new comic book being created by Jeff Parker and Drew Moss on Kickstarter and seems to star this handsome tiger fellow as the tracker in question "A bad role model with the stripes to prove it A Monstrous Adventure by Jeff Parker & Drew Moss." You can sign up[...]
Kat Calamia Launches Bi Visibility Comic on Kickstarter
Kat Calamia should be able to get some good publicity for her new comic book Kickstarter, Bi Visibility: A Bisexual Comic Book Anthology And not just because bisexuality is in the comic book air right now courtesy of the likes of Harley Quinn, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Dick Grayson's Robin, and maybe even Jonathan Kent's Superman,[...]
Resident Evil 3: The Board Game Street Date And MSRP Announced
Furthermore, the company has announced the genesis of a Kickstarter campaign based on the first Resident Evil board game, to launch this October. The front of the core box for Resident Evil 3: The Board Game, a tabletop game by Steamforged Games based on the Capcom video game of the same name. Information on the core game and[...]
Carbon Grey TTRPG By Magnetic Press Play Funded On Kickstarter
Magnetic Press Play, a tabletop game company whose genesis we covered not too long ago, has gotten their first tabletop role-playing game, an adaptation of the graphic novel series Carbon Grey, fully funded on Kickstarter! This only took within 24 hours to achieve, and now they are detailing their stretch goals for backers. The front cover[...]
Return To The O.Z. - David Pepose's New Kickstarter Funds In Seconds
Just one year after his first crowdfunding campaign, Spencer & Locke writer David Pepose is making his return to Kickstarter with The O.Z., which made a splash with its inaugural campaign in 2020 after more than 1,250 backers and over $46,000 raised, he's back for seconds Written by Pepose and drawn by Proton's Ruben Rojas,[...]
Infinity For Game Boy Color To Launch Kickstarter August 18th
Incube8 Games and Retro Modding will be launching a Kickstarter for the canceled Game Boy Color game Infinity on August 18th In case you're not familiar with this particular title, this was originally developed by Affinix Software between 1999 to 2001 until the game was shelved after Nintendo launched the Game Boy Advance About five[...]
Check Out the Alter Nation Phase 2 Panda Mony Kickstarter Campaign
Panda Pony has the Kickstarter campaign at $99,000 with 18 days left and only $7,700 raised Things are not looking good, but we can take the Toy of the Year Nominee Phase 2 figure line to get them out there The Alter Nation Action Figures: Phase 2 can be found here, with Bomber priced at[...]
Jimmy Palmiotti's Rage At Kickstarter Comics With Scott Hampton
With 753 backers and four days to go, Jimmy Palmiotti and Scott Hampton's new graphic novel Rage has more than made its goal, and Palmiotti has a strong reputation for delivering on Kickstarters on time – fifteen of them already Described as an action-packed, dramatic tale of survival amongst global chaos, Rage is a mature[...]
Dustbiters Card Game Kickstarter Campaign Funded And Then Some
-Dustbiters, a card game about wasteland warriors outrunning a gigantic dust storm, has been fully funded on Kickstarter and then some! Created by an amazing supergroup of game designers in conjunction with game production company iam8bit, this game has been funded to over 180% of its original goal of $25,000 in the last four days. The[...]
Dynamite Sell Exclusive Elvira Comic On Kickstarter, Not Comic Shops
But in this case, it's an entire variant comic book, only available through Kickstarter, not through Diamond or comic book stores. David Avallone, Dave Acosta, Walter Pereyra, and Taylor Esposito are creating a 48-page comic book convention exclusive Elvira story about a comic book convention – even though there aren't any big ones right now[...]
Green Hell Board Game Kickstarter Campaign Launches August 3rd
Tabletop board game designer Galaktus Games has announced that the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for their upcoming board game adaptation based on the Green Hell open-world survival simulation game by Creepy Jar is set to launch on August 3rd Furthermore, Galaktus Games has offered an exclusive dice tower for those backers who back the game on its[...]