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Bill Sienkiewicz To Republish Stray Toasters In Deluxe Format
"#coming soon #straytoasters deluxe edition through @Kickstarter #april #2022 @sinKEVitch" Stray Toasters by Bill Sienkievitch published by Marvel Comics, was a comic I read in 1988 at the age of 15 and it did something bad to my brain I had read Bill's work on Elektra Assassin and Daredevil: Love And War And that was why I[...]
Rodney Barnes
Woodward, Paul McCaffrey, Jonathan Marks Barravecchia, Marco Finnegan, Clara Meath, Julius Ohta, and Tom Rogers. Moonstone Books has launched their Kickstarter campaign for this all-new, 100+ page, full-colour graphic novel with ten separate stories And they have hit their goal, and announced their first stretch goal Which will be a new Kolchak story written and drawn[...]
Peter Tomasi Talks To Keith Champagne About Daybreak On Kickstarter
Off the top of his head, he got Peter Tomasi, off of Super Sons, to interview him about his new Kickstartered comic book series Daybreak and asked if I'd run it Now it's not some hard-hitting Panorama expose, it's a bit of puffery But how could I say no? TOMASI: I saw you posted a link[...]
Will Potter And Philip Bond Launch Britpop Comic Geezer
And it has just made its goal on Kickstarter. Will Potter And Philip Bond Launch Britpop Comic Geezer I do not know if as perfect a comic book has ever been made for me as this one I have already pledged to give every penny I have to making this a reality There will be posters, CD[...]
NFTWatch: Zoop Steps Up To Appeal To Kickstarter Boycott
Bleeding Cool covered just a little of the comic book industry reaction to Kickstarter announcing a switch to blockchain technology And it has been undeniably negative Kickstarter tweeted the following in response to such unending diatribes. "We know our community has a lot of questions about this new direction, including how it will benefit creators, and[...]
NFTWatch: Comics Folk Boycott Kickstarter Over New Blockchain Plans
Earlier this week, it was reported that Kickstarter is to build a new crowdfunding system much like Kickstarter's but based on blockchain technology, as are cryptocurrencies and NFTs And that when it's ready, Kickstarter will switch its own website to the new infrastructure, and the new company will make the tools available for anyone to[...]
Stan Lee's Genesis, Tabletop Game Announced, With Ryan Benjamin
Designed by Akel, the game will hit shelves in 2022. "Stan Lee's Genesis puts the power of creation into the hands of the players and honors the legacy of Stan Lee's brilliance as one of the preeminent creative forces of the 20th and 21st centuries," said designer and Rocketship Entertainment CEO and former Webtoon EIC Tom Akel. The game[...]
Superheroes Battle Coronavirus in New Comic "Infectious"
Enter Infectious, the new comic on Kickstarter by writer Arcadio Bolaños and artists Juan Alarcón, Kaskajo, Alberto Aguado, Juan Álvarez, César Hernández-Meraz, Barry Hall, and Lucas Gattoni. On the Kickstarter campaign page, Bolaños writes: I've been writing and publishing comics for years now, but despite my profound love for the superhero genre I had never written story about[...]
Free SDCC Poster For Those Who Kickstart Whilce Portacio's Stone Omnibus
The plan was for the Kickstarter for Whilce Portacio's Stone Omnibus to launch today, on Black Friday But you know what they say about the best-laid plans On Thursday, when setting up the Kickstarter for the book that would collect the original Stone series with tons of additional material, someone at Anomaly Productions pressed the[...]
Top Cow Launches CyberForce 30th Anniversary Hardcover Kickstarter
Top Cow Productions has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the book with different editions and perks , the series that launched a new era of independent storytelling. Cyberforce Kickstarter graphic, Top Cow In celebration of Top Cow Productions/Image Comics' 30thanniversary, CYBERFORCE is being collected in a special action-packed 664-page hardcover collection of the original stories that launched[...]
Exclusive 21-Page Preview of NARCO from Wagner and Hillyard
Narco is half of a new Kickstarter for two comic book projects The first is a new hardcover, expanded edition of the 2017 Image comic book Plastic by Doug Wagner and Daniel Hillyard, and includes a new 6-page backup story revolving around Edwyn, a former serial killer who goes on a vengeful murder spree to reunite[...]
Atomika: God Is Red Omnibus On Kickstarter, Read Full 1st Issue Free
Artist Sal Abbinanti and writer Andrew Dabb have brought their comic book series Atomika: God Is Red to Kickstarter, with an omnibus edition of these series that includes new work Originally self-published between 2005 and 2011, the cold war era sci-fi superhero comic features Atomika, the modern god of the 20th Century Soviet Union, battling[...]
Stories by WWE and AEW Stars Featured in New Headlocked Comic
Headlocked is back on Kickstarter with another volume of Tales from the Road, and Bleeding Cool spoke with creator Michael Kingston about the new anthology that features stories created in collaboration with some of wrestling biggest current and up-and-coming stars Headlocked: Tales from the Road Volume 2 features stories by Thunder Rosa, AJ Styles, RVD,[...]
Lilah Sturges, Drew Johnson, Zid Adapt New Dune Film As Graphic Novel
Earlier this week, Legendary Comics announced a Kickstarter for a graphic novel adaptation of the movie version of Dune, ahead of the announcement that Dune would be getting its Part Two as a movie Some wondered how Legendary could afford to a) make the first movie and b) make a second but c) not have[...]
The Beef Bros Are Back... And They've Brought the Fanny Packs
But fear not, comrades, because your collective prayers have been answered: co-creators Aubrey Sitterson and Tyrell Cannon, colorist Raciel Avila, and letterer Taylor Esposito are returning for Beef Bros Behind Bars, a brand-new, double-sized, prestige format Beef Bros graphic novella, available starting today and for the next month on Kickstarter. Described as "working class champions who[...]