Nemesis Lockdown By Awaken Realms Breaks Kickstarter Record, Site

Nemesis Lockdown By Awaken Realms Breaks Kickstarter Record & Site

Today, we got an email saying that Awaken Realms, a game company from Wrocław, Poland, had effectively broken the record for the fastest funding of nearly $50,000 on Kickstarter with their campaign for Nemesis Lockdown This email also stated that the Kickstarter campaign also, in essence, caused Kickstarter to go down due to the influx of[...]

Blacking Out

Peter Krause and Chip Mosher Are Blacking Out For 70s Grindhouse Noir

But they are working together on a new comic book graphic novel, Blacking Out, being crowdfunded through Kickstarter A descent into '70s grindhouse noir—pure grit and ash baked into the story of an alcoholic ex-cop looking for redemption as he attempts to solve the unsolved murder of a child during the Southern California fire season[...]

Three New Comics Projects On Kickstarter

3 Comic Kickstarters: Curse Words, Cosmic Detective, Octobriana 1976

Three fairly high profile comics arrived on Kickstarter recently, and we figured we’d take a look at them It's a mixed bag of big names and independent creators.Curse Words Omnibus Kickstarter[caption id="attachment_1211732" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Curse Words cover by Ryan Browne which is now on Kickstarter.[/caption]Charles Soule and Ryan Browne announced a Kickstarter for an[...]

Dark Table CCG Achieves Kickstarter Funding & Expands Stretch Goals

This week, Doonami revealed that they managed to get full funding for Dark Table CCG on Kickstarter and have expanded their stretch goals The company was aiming for just $10k to fund the project, but as of when we're writing this post, they've managed to amass over $15k with about a week left to go[...]

Bulletproof Monk's RA Jones

Bulletproof Monk's R.A. Jones Brings Us Twilight Grimm

Jones Brings Us Twilight Grimm Art from Kickstarter.[/caption]When, nearly four decades later, I wrote the Wolverine/Captain America series for Marvel and it was I now trying to bring that character to life just as Stan Lee had done in the original story -- it was the culmination of a lifelong dream I've been blessed to[...]

Duncan Jones And Alex De Campi Debut Madi Through Kickstarter

Duncan Jones and Alex De Campi (and a murderer's row of artists) debuted Madi: Once Upon A Time In The Future, a science fiction comic on Kickstarter today Rich Johnston wrote about Madi: Once Upon A Time In The Future before here, highlighting some of Jones and De Campi's thoughts about the project.[caption id="attachment_1208704" align="aligncenter"[...]


Mike Baron Writes a New Nexus Comic With Richard Meyer, and a Novel

He then began a YouTube channel with the aim of pointing out what he saw as overly-liberal or diverse plotlines in Marvel and DC comic books, including obscene attacks against a number of creators, before mobilising that audience to fund his publishing attempts with the Jawbreakers graphic novel on Kickstarter as part of #comicsgate After[...]

RIC header

Railroad Ink Challenge Chugs Along On Kickstarter

Railroad Ink Challenge, a game by Horrible Guild (formerly Horrible Games), has made over $329,000 on Kickstarter with nineteen days left to go for their campaign! Billed as a "roll and write"-style game, this game has players assume the role of a developer crafting tracks for the railway and for the highway with the end-goal[...]


Barb Kaalberg – An Old (Ish) Dog Learning New Tricks in Comics

Barb Kaalberg is the creator/co-writer/inker of Divinity, the project being kickstarting right now with Roland Mann. She writes. I've been a comic book inker for a long time. 30+ years now. Comics is an industry that gets deep into your bones, burrows in and, even when you are doing other things, it's always there, waiting […]

Rise of the Psycho Rangers box

Power Rangers: Heroes Of The Grid Kickstarter Funded In Six Minutes

Renegade Game Studios, the game company responsible for Space Battle Lunchtime and the Altered Carbon role-playing game, has done something remarkable and gotten its $25,000 Kickstarter campaign for Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid fully funded in all of six minutes' time The campaign, which is presently exceeding $160,000 as of the time of writing this article,[...]

RE3tBG array

Resident Evil 3 Board Game On Its Last 2 Kickstarter Backing Days

Steamforged Games' Kickstarter campaign for Resident Evil 3: The Board Game has reached its final two days of backing Of their nearly $187,000 goal, through the support of over 6,300 backers thus far they have made well over $879,000 as of the time of writing this article.[caption id="attachment_1205435" align="aligncenter" width="600"] The array for the core of[...]

Deadlands header

Deadlands Kickstarter Fully Funded, On Its Final Hours Of Backing

The Kickstarter campaign for Deadlands, a Weird West role-playing game made by Pinnacle Entertainment Group, has been funded completely! It is now on its last 34 hours of backing, having made over $485,000 of it's $10,000 goal as of the time of us writing this article.[caption id="attachment_1205391" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Deadlands, a newly-refurbished Weird West-style game, has[...]

camilla zhang

Kickstarter Comic Outreach Lead, Camilla Zhang Amongst Layoffs

It was revealed last month that crowdfunding service popular amongst comic book creators, Kickstarter, had let 40% of staffers go They are not alone in this, Patreon also made redundancies, and IndieGoGo had similar last year However, one of Kickstarter's 40% was Kickstarter's Comic Outreach Lead, Camilla Zhang, posted the following to Twitter As she[...]

Screen Shot 2020-05-05 at 4.51.10 PM

YouNeek Studios' First Ever Teen Hero Iyanu Hits Kickstarter

In just a matter of a day, his current Kickstarter for his new book, Iyanu, was already funded! But it's still open,so here's some more info from the press release: YouNeek Studios, the Maryland based transmedia company, is proud to announce the official launch of Iyanu – Child of Wonder Volume One! The 112-page graphic novel[...]

"Altered Carbon: The Role Playing Game" On Kickstarter

The Altered Carbon Role Playing Game Now Up For Pre-Order

The Altered Carbon Role Playing Game, a new RPG by Renegade Game Studios, is now up for preorder on Renegade's website! We here at Bleeding Cool covered this RPG's Kickstarter campaign back in early February, and now it's finally coming to fruition Hunters Entertainment and Skydance Television teamed up with Renegade to get this game off[...]


Lemire, Kindt and Rubín Add Playing Cards to Cosmic Detective OGN

The book, titled Cosmic Detective, is an epic science fiction mystery that asks: when a God is murdered, who solves the crime? Launched on Kickstarter this week, they have motored past their goal and are promising playing cards.[caption id="attachment_1203759" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Lemire, Kindt and Rubín Add Playing Cards to Cosmic Detective OGN[...]


Stephan Franck Keeps His Ghosts In The Sunlight For Palomino

Who’s to know for sure?You can back Palomino on Kickstarter here.  Stephan Franck is a French/American animator, writer, director, and comics creator Supervising animator on The Iron Giant, and writer for Despicable Me, he co-created the animated TV show Corneil & Bernie He was nominated for an Annie for directing The Smurfs: The Legend of Smurfy[...]


Be Kind, Rewind… Or Else – Rising Rebels on Kickstarter

Jay Fotos is a regular at Bleeding Cool, and he has a stormingly entertaining project on Kickstarter, the eighties throwback horror series with a modern twist, Rising Rebels He writes;Remember when monsters, knife-wielding maniacs, cannibalistic zombies and demons of all shapes and sizes lived on the shelves of the local video store? No? Well the[...]

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Renegade Game Studios Reveals New Power Rangers Expansions

This new release, which includes an expansion proper as well as a new villain pack, will be funded via Kickstarter, which will go up on May 12th.[caption id="attachment_1202526" align="aligncenter" width="600"] The logo for Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid, featuring the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.[/caption]The new villain pack, dubbed Villain Pack #2, features key members[...]


Kickstarter Launches Free Comics Anthology For What Was FCBD

Earlier this year, Kickstarter announced they had been working on the premier crowdfunding service's very own comic book anthology, to be published by Kickstarter itself The Worlds of Kickstarter Comics was intended to debut at this year’s Toronto Comic Arts Festival, but unfortunately that event has become one of many cancelled due to the coronavirus[...]