Leinil Yu Better Get These Sweet Inhumans Vs. X-Men Pages Colored Fast

Inhumans vs. X-Men, the super-mega-crossover event by Jeff Lemire, Charles Soule, and Leinil Yu that Marvel hopes will finally make The Inhumans happen, is set for a December 14 release (after a November 30 #0 issue from a different creative team), but pages from series artist Yu released on Marvel.com yesterday show there's still a lot of work remaining to be done.

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That's right! With only a month to go before the release date, these pages aren't colored yet. Some of them aren't even inked! In an interview accompanying the pages, Yu elaborates on some of the difficulties in getting a modern comic completed:

It's really just learning to draw new costumes. Using reference and the nature of modern costume designs—[they're] more intricate—slows down the process a bit. I find myself needing to spend a few pages to a whole issue before I get to the point where I feel I'm really happy with how I portray the characters.

Of course, it's entirely possible that the pages are already finished, and Marvel just wanted to show off Yu's cool pencils, in which case, we're totally misconstruing this and making a big deal out of nothing. Hell, for all we know, some of these pages have already been seen in colored form. Then again, Marvel hasn't exactly had the best track record with recent super-mega-crossover events, so it's a good idea to stay vigilant!

When If Inhumans vs. X-Men starts to slip on the schedule, you know you'll hear about it first at Bleeding Cool. We were right about that Inhumans movie, after all.

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