Magnificent Ms Marvel #7, #8 ,#10 and More Get Second Printings from Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics are sending a batch of comic books back to the printing mill for the 29th February 2020. And it seems the new Stormbringer symbiotic suit-character has put a lot of Ms Marvel back into print. Magnificent Ms Marvel #7, #8 and #10 are all going to second printings.

The Dawn of X titles have also been doing rather well and now Marauders #3, X-Force #3 and X-Men #3 go to second printing on the same day.

Avengers #26, Savage Avengers #8, Conan Serpent War #1 and Doctor Doom #3 are also going to second printings for the same date. No covers yet, of course, but we ahev a few from previous second printing announcements…

Marvel Second Printings Marvel Second Printings

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