Milo Manara Designs Bus Tickets For Rome And You Know Exactly What They Will Look Like

Comic book author and artist, Milo Manara has been commissioned by the City Of Rome to design bus tickets, to accompany, Macromanara, an exhibition of his work in his home town. This is what he came up with.


Without the red spots obviously. Here's a closer look.

Inspired by the works of Gustav Klimt and Alfons Mucha, the set of four tickets by Manara were on sale at the Arf! Cartoon Festival this past weekend, limited to 25,000 each. The set of four could have been purchased at the public transport company ATAC's stand at the show, and this week from twelve specific ATAC outlets.

Complaints have been heard by ANAC's Director-General, Bruno Rota who disagrees with the decision, saying that subjects for such tickets should be chosen with great care. But others say that you see far worse on public transport…

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