New York City Connects Strangers – Preview Pawn Shop From Z2 Comics

Yesterday, we brought you a preview of Z2's upcoming graphic novel Ashes: A Firefighter's Tale. Today we're rolling out a preview of another of Z2's autumn graphic novel releases, Pawn Shop, written by Joey Esposito, and illustrated by Sean Von Gorman.This is another New York focused comic from Z2 and created by locals and arrives on October 7th.

STK678579The graphic novel features the lives of four very different "strangers" and how they interrelate in the city, but it looks like the city will be very much a significant character impacting their lives as well.

Z2 describe the comic thus:

The intertwining lives of four strangers in the ecosystem of New York City, connected by the streets they walk on and the people they touch. Following a lonely widower, a struggling Long Island Railroad employee, a timid hospice nurse, and a drug-addled punk, Pawn Shop explores the big things that separate us and the little moments that inexplicably unite us. The writer of Footprints and the artist for Toe Tag Riot present a slice-of-life tale that weaves together separate lives to celebrate the ever-changing nature of New York City and the people that make it the greatest city in the world.

And here's our preview of the graphic novel:


PawnShop_Page_68 PawnShop_Page_69 PawnShop_Page_70Look out for Pawn Shop on October 7th, and it's currently listed in Previews World with item code: AUG151856

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