Now IDW Takes To Indiegogo For Ashley Wood's World War Robot Hardcover

Hot off their successful campaign both to raise money for their upcoming quarterly hardcover magazine and their successful attempt to convince people that "hardcover magazines" are somehow different than "books," IDW has taken to rival crowdfunding site Indiegogo for another hardcover magazine: World War Robot, the 2010 book by Ashley Wood and T P Louise.

Now IDW Takes To Indiegogo For Ashley Wood's World War Robot Hardcover

According to the campaign, the book is already printed, in IDW's warehouse, and ready to ship. So why are they doing a crowdfunding campaign for it? Why not?! If nothing else, using Indiegogo to sell a book they've already made is an easy way to get around Diamond and sell outside of the direct market.

For the low, low price of… of… For the price of $40, you can get your hands on one of these 180 page oversized hardcovers, plus an EXCLUSIVE 10" x 10" print. Of course, if you feel that's too low a price, there are reward levels all the way up to $450. The description:

The biggest war in history may just be the end of humanity as we know it. In World War Robot, a dwindling group of humans battles a vicious robot army in a fight for survival that rages across the surface of Earth, the Moon—and even Mars! Pulse-pounding battles, sci-fi action, intense drama, and political intrigue are all washed down with a healthy serving of pitch-black humor in this incredible, limited-edition hardcover book you'll be proud to display on your shelf.

Only 500 copies have been printed, so head over to Indiegogo and get your hands on this deluxe new edition of the critically acclaimed book today.


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