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Now IDW Takes To Indiegogo For Ashley Wood's World War Robot Hardcover

Hot off their successful campaign both to raise money for their upcoming quarterly hardcover magazine and their successful attempt to convince people that "hardcover magazines" are somehow different than "books," IDW has taken to rival crowdfunding site Indiegogo for another hardcover magazine: World War Robot, the 2010 book by Ashley Wood and T P Louise. According to […]

IDW Reboots 30 Days Of Night In December With Niles, Kowalski, Templesmith, And Wood

The classic 2002 three-issue horror series by Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith that spawned numerous follow-ups and two feature films is getting a reboot in December. Steve Niles will return to write the series, and Ben Templesmith will draw covers along with original cover artist Ashley Wood, while Piotr Kowalski takes on interior art in what is being […]

Six Inches Of Sam Slade Robo-Hunter From 3A And Rebellion, With Plenty More To Come

From 3A, a 1/12th scale statue of Sam Slade: Robo-Hunter, overseen by Ashley Wood, based on the artwork of Ian Gibson. With similar editions of Hammerstein, Judge Dredd, the Lawmaster, Judge Fear, and more to follow… The name's Slade, Sam Slade! That's S-L-A-Y-E-D to you! The wry curmudgeon created by John Wagner and Ian Gibson is […]

Ashley Wood Designs $200 Ultron Doll For 3A

Here's the 3A statue of Ultron, designed by Ashley Wood, in Classic, Stealth and Ghost editions, each 13 inches tall, fully posable with articulated fingers, and plated armour. Oh and his eyes, mouth, chest and back thrusters all light up. $220 including shipping worldwide. For that price it should be made from adamantium…

Show Your Zombies Vs. Robots Love With This Art Contest From IDW

IDW Publishing has started a fun art contest that will center around Zombies vs. Robots (ZvR), which IDW has put out since 2006, from writer Chris Ryall (The Great and Secret Show) and artist Ashley Wood (Popbot). The creative team has been producing the comic for years, and now they want to see fans' versions. Each month, Ryall will have […]

Zombies Vs Robots To Inherit The Earth And A Director To Boot

IDW's Zombies Vs Robots series has snagged a director… though it's getting a different title. Now called Inherit The Earth, the film will be directed by Andrew Adamson (Chronicles of Narnia) from a script by Oren Uziel (JT Perry wrote earlier drafts). Based on the comic by Chris Ryall and Ashley Wood, the story follows […]

Noir, Thomas Alsop, And Showing Up To The Party – Palle Schmidt Talks Comics

By Nikolai Fomich [Palle Schmidt, Photo by Pernille Enoch] Last week I reviewed the first two issues of BOOM!'s new series Thomas Alsop, and today I follow up by chatting with the book's artist Palle Schmidt. Palle spoke to me about his early career in Denmark, his love for noir, how he got involved with […]

Ashley Wood And T P Louise Return To IDW With The Beautiful War

Before there was 30 Days of Night, Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith… back when IDW Publishing was just a few ex-Wildstorm employees starting up a new company, there was Ashley Wood and Popbot to get things started. That's how they started, putting out books by Ashley Wood and I will always equate the two of […]

The Art Of Painted Comics From Dynamite – From Adams To Vess…

Dynamite Entertainment is publishing The Art of Painted Comics hardcover in October, featuring painted comic book work by the likes of  Alex Ross, Greg Hildebrandt, Frank Frazetta, Joe Jusko, Michael William Kaluta, Bill Sienkiewicz, Neal Adams, Julie Bell, Joseph Michael Linsner, Glen Orbik, Simon Bisley, Dave Dorman, Phil Noto, Greg Horn, Brian Bolland, Ashley Wood, […]

San Diego Debut: Fat Tarino and Popbot Big Beautiful Book by Ashley Wood

Debuting at San Diego Comic Con… Title: Fat Tarino and Popbot Big Beautiful Book Creators: Ashley Wood Publisher: IDW Available: Booth #2643 High concept: The first  featuring the impossible to find art books UNO TARINO, DOS TARINO and TRES TARINO, all in one gorgeous hardcover, the second collects the long sold-out POPBOT Volumes 1 through […]

Ashley Wood's Mongrol

This is Mongrol from 2000AD's ABC Warriors, as designed by Ashley Wood for ThreeA Toys. Christmas list anyone?

IDW's Comics-To-Films Sneaking Out…

The week after San Diego is often full of stories that didn't quite make it to being announced at the convention and so kind of struggle out . Such as Jerry Bruckheimer acquiring the movie rights to Ashley Wood and Jon Gibson's graphic novella World War Robot, from IDW. I mean, doesn't that sound like […]