Oh Tom King, What Are You Doing With The Vision? (Potential SPOILERS)

The Vision by Tom King, Gabriel Hernandez Walta and Jordie Bellaire is Marvel's Watchmen. This is clear. It will be collected as a 12 issue book, in print forever, will be given to people who have seen the movies and told "This! This is what superhero comics can be!"

That is if Marvel knows what to do with it. They had a Sandman in their recent run of Journey Into Mystery and were spectacularly uninterested it selling it as such.

And so with The Vision we have a multilayered story, tightly told from beginning to end, that plays with the form, foreshadows the future, examines the characters in a focused fashion and goes places the audience could never expect, with remarkable skill.

Except recent Marvel marketing may have given a clue.


The upcoming series The Champions has one of the Vision's children, Viv, as one of its members.


But not its other, Vin.


So we know that Viv makes it out alive.

But as to Vin?

Oh Tom King, I know this is your Watchmen. Which also dealt in death, its consequences and consequences that lead to death.

But Vin?

VISION2015009-DC11-e93daVISION2015009-int2-2-5e2c5VISION2015009-int2-3-cecdaVISION2015009-int2-4-d7eafOh dear…

The Vision #9 is published next week from Marvel.


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