Is Dark Nights: Metal #1 Is Pulling Me Back Into The DC Universe?

Dark Nights: Metal
Dark Nights: Metal #1 cover art by Greg Capullo, Jonathan Glapion and FCO Plascencia

I read comics. I read a lot of comics. The bulk of them are Archie, but I did grow up a DC fan. I read DC comics here and there, so I know about what's going on. Plus, I'm on the internet, you can't really escape what's going on in pop culture online.

So, almost everyone knows Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo are comic book geniuses. They dominated The New 52 with Batman, and it looks like this juggernaut team isn't letting up with Dark Nights: Metal. After picking up my copy, I finally found time to read it, and yeah. OK. It's awesome. The story is large, and is only going to get larger. Readers are thrown in mercilessly as the Justice League has to fight for their lives, and at one point, they form into a giant robot, and if that's not going to sell you on a comic…well, man, I kind of envy that.

Snyder knows how to write a Batman story, and despite that the core JLA members are here, this is still a Batman story. That's not to say the others don't matter, but Batman is arguably one of DC's most popular heroes. The opening is exciting and in your face, but it takes it down a notch once the team returns back to Gotham City. And for good reason. Snyder needed to set up the story so we could understand the why and how.

Capullo's art is always stellar. His heroes look like they could kick your ass, and despite the majority of the heroes being the same archetype (beefy white guy), the faces still look different. The landscapes are rich and detailed, and partnered with Jonathan Glapion's inks, everything comes to life in this comic. Will I be adding this to my pull list? Absolutely. Glad to be back in the fold, Batman.

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Is Dark Nights: Metal #1 Is Pulling Me Back Into The DC Universe?

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