Draft-Dodgers Matthew Fox And Ed Harris Bail Out Of World War Z

Nothing puts a bit of excitement into making a movie like having two actors drop out when you've already started filming, but as the cameras start rolling in Malta our friends at Vulture bring us some sad decasting news. World War Z, the hotly-anticipated adaptation of Max Brooks' novel, has just lost Lost star Matthew Fox, who last time we reported was said to be have a small role as a paratrooper, along with acting heavyweight Ed Harris. Apparently Fox dropped out due to a scheduling conflict due to a prior commitment to star in Summit Entertainment's I, Alex Cross, while Harris needed to take time off to continue lamenting his appearance in National Treasure: Book of Secrets. OK, that last statement might not be true, but it should be.

Don't worry, though, Brad Pitt is still onboard in a lead role alongside James Badge Dale and Mereille Enos. In case you've been living under a rock, the film is a thriller based on a series of fictional interviews with witnesses of a worldwide zombie plague, set in the aftermath of a lengthy war between human and … smelly decomposing human. Despite these casting casualties it remains a project to keep a close watch on. Just make sure you wear protective gear and always aim for the head.