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"Top Gun: Maverick" New Featurette Debuts After Film Delayed

With all of the mounted IMAX cameras, Top Gun: Maverick may have some of the best visuals of any film to come out this year.Top Gun: Maverick, starring Tom Cruise, Miles Teller, Jon Hamm, Jennifer Connelly, Val Kilmer, Manny Jacinto, Rachael Markarian, Monica Barbaro, Glen Powell, Jean Louisa Kelly, and Ed Harris opens on December[...]

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"Resistance": New Jesse Eisenberg Marcel Marceau Drama Hits VOD Today

Based on the inspiring true story, RESISTANCE follows the revolutionary tale of a selfless act that would forever change countless lives.Resistance, starring Jesse Eisenberg, Ed Harris, Matthias Schweighofer, Bella Ramsey, and Edgar Ramirez hits VOD streaming services today. Resistance aims to tell the story of how Marcel Marceau came to be, and it seems like[...]

“Sonic” Actor Jim Carrey Examines Cultural Irony Behind “The Truman Show”

"Sonic" Actor Jim Carrey Examines Cultural Irony Behind "The Truman Show"

Adopted by a network mogul Christof (Ed Harris) at infancy, the world grew up with Truman for the better part of 30 years The absentee father kept Truman in the dark about the true nature of the world around him as actors posed as friends, family and the townsfolk of Seahaven Suspicion arises when set[...]

'The Last Full Measure': First Trailer For Vietnam Film Starring Sebastian Stan is Here

'The Last Full Measure': First Trailer For Vietnam Film Starring Sebastian Stan is Here

Jackson), Burr (Peter Fonda) and Mott (Ed Harris) But as Huffman learns more about Pitsenbarger’s courageous acts, he uncovers a high-level conspiracy behind the decades-long denial of the medal, prompting him to put his own career on the line to seek justice for the fallen airman. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Go8zI2sytEcThe Last Full Measure, starring Sebastian Stan, Samuel L[...]

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"Top Gun: Maverick" to Soar at San Diego Comic-Con

Joining them for the sequel are Jennifer Connelly, Miles Teller, Glen Powell, Jon Hamm, and Ed Harris.Top Gun: Maverick is scheduled for release June 26th, 2020. Those attending 2019 San Diego Comic-Con should be prepared to step back into the danger zone as Paramount and Skydance Media will tease the upcoming film Top Gun: Maverick[...]

The Bleeding Cool TV Top 10 Best of 2018 Countdown: #3 Westworld

"Television is becoming a collage – there are so many channels that you move through them making a collage yourself. In that sense, everyone sees something a bit different." – David Hockney There was a time when working for television was labelled a "demotion," a professional death sentence for movie stars whose careers were on […]

Ed Harris Doesn't "Always Understand" Westworld, "No Idea" on S3 Involvement

Episode 9 left us with far more questions than answers as The Man in Black, played by multi-Oscar nominee Ed Harris, fell deep into his own dark pit of demons and madness Is it of his own creation? Pretty much.[caption id="attachment_866484" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Credit: John P Johnson/HBO[/caption]In a recent interview with Huffington Post, Harris spoke a[...]

Let's Talk About Westworld Season 2 Episode 3, "Virtu e Fortuna"

HBO's highly acclaimed series Westworld is back, season 2 continuing in earnest last week with episode 2, "Reunion". The wait has been long for fans of the show, the ending of season 1 leaving most viewers with more questions than answers. The premiere, following in the same first-season footpaths, did similar, leaving the door [what door] […]

Let's Talk About Westworld Season 2 Episode 2, "Reunion"

HBO's highly acclaimed series Westworld is back, season 2 kicking off in earnest last week with episode 1, "Journey Into Night". The wait has been long for fans of the show, the ending of season 1 leaving most viewers with more questions than answers. The premiere, following in the same first-season footpaths, did similar, leaving the […]

Pacific Rim's Rinko Kikuchi Looks to Create the Apocalypse in Westworld Season 2

While I'm sure there's a really great jaeger/host joke just ready to be dropped with an accompanying "ba-dum-ch," Oscar nominated actress Rinko Kikuchi looks less interested in jokes and much more interested in creating – not cancelling – the apocalypse. The Pacific Rim actress is set to join the second season of HBO's sci-fi series […]

Westworld Season 2 Trailer: Delos Destinations Will Pay for Its "Sin"

With less than a month to go before it's April 22 second season premiere, HBO has released the first full official trailer for Westworld's sophomore season. And as we can see from the preview below, Delos Destinations Inc. looks to have its hidden "sin" exposed by the hosts – by any means necessary: https://youtu.be/sjVqDg32_8s In […]

HBO 2018 Promo: Westworld, Sharp Objects – But No Game of Thrones?

The assignment lands her back in her childhood home under the critical eye of picture-perfect small-town socialite Adora, which forces Camille to confront personal demons.”●  Westworld's second season was given the prime end-of-promo spot, leaving fans speculating over the growing war between the park's VIP and the Hosts after the ominous words spoken by Ed[...]

Westworld Season 2: Evan Rachel Wood Teases Spring 2018 Premiere

Set at the intersection of the near future and a reimagined past, the series explores a world in which every human appetite, no matter how noble or depraved, can be indulged.Westworld: Season One features a star-studded cast led by Academy Award winner Sir Anthony Hopkins (Silence of the Lambs), Golden Globe winner Ed Harris (The[...]

'Westworld' Season 2: HBO Reveals New Footage In 2018 Preview Video

HBO has a tradition of putting out videos where they essentially remind you of all the shows they've had on for the past year — I guess you could call it their version of taking a victory lap. Considering the cable giant has scripted series like Ballers, Big Little Lies and Insecure; and specials like […]

Violence And Humanity: Why You Owe It To Yourself To Watch Westworld

Ed Harris is also suitably creepy as The Man in Black, who has some unknown and mysterious purposes that will almost defintely end up being the 'mystery box' of the show. Sir Anthony Hopkins plays the old creator of the park with the dour, yet whimsical charm he has become known for, and he is a[...]

Liam Neeson Fights Off Killers To Protect His Family In Run All Night

Are we at a point where Liam-Neeson-fighting-off-killers-to-protect-his-family films have become their own genre?The film also stars Joel Kinnaman, Vincent D'Onofrio, Ed Harris, Bruce McGill, Genesis Rodriguez, Boyd Holbrook, Holt McCallany, and Common.Run All Night hits theaters on April 17th[youtube]http://youtu.be/7uDuFh-nC-c[/youtube] With Taken 3 in theaters now, this seems to be a good time for Warner Bros to release the first[...]

Anthony Mackie Joins Mark Wahlberg, The Rock and More in Michael Bay's "Little Film"

John Turturro then entered negotiations for the role of their victim, and Ed Harris and Rob Corddry signed on for supporting roles Now a third bodybuilder has been found, in the guise of Anthony Mackie, previously of The Hurt Locker, The Adjustment Bureau, and as the man who played Tupac in Notorious.According to Variety, Mackie's[...]

Draft-Dodgers Matthew Fox And Ed Harris Bail Out Of World War Z

World War Z, the hotly-anticipated adaptation of Max Brooks' novel, has just lost Lost star Matthew Fox, who last time we reported was said to be have a small role as a paratrooper, along with acting heavyweight Ed Harris Apparently Fox dropped out due to a scheduling conflict due to a prior commitment to star[...]