Frank Miller To Replace Jim Lee On Dark Knight III #4 Mini-Comic?

STK699760Frank Miller has drawn some of Dark Knight III: The Master Race. A cover or two with Batman, Atom and Dark Knight.. The Atom mini-comic in issue 1, inked by Klaus Janson. The Green Lantern mini-comic in issue 3, finishes over John Romita Jr's breakdowns.

The mini-comic insert for Dark Knight III: The Master Race #4 was to have been drawn by Jim Lee and Scott Williams. But now it seems it will be drawn… by Frank Miller.

Solo? In tandem with someone else? That is yet to be determined…

The content, however is also not clear. Maybe we will learn more at Wondercon? Or at ISCKO?

Oh and Paul Pope replaces Geof Darrow on the issue 4 1:50 variant cover.


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