Friday Runaround: A Life Sized Destroyer Statue Would Look Really Cool Outside My Office

If Axel Alonso doesn't put that outside his office after Thor opens, I'll take it, because… life-sized Kirby metal.  In other news, you might just have time to check out some of these links before the C2E2 craziness kicks off.

A Future Obsession — Micah Baldwin of

What are we changing? We arent changing how books/comic books/graphic novels are read. Certainly not in a unique fashion. There are an estimated 500 – 800 million comic books downloaded off bit torrent sites every year, which is nowhere near slowing. What are we improving? The reading experience is so subjective and personal, we are not changing how people read or interact with comics. Not really. Not specifically.

GR astro | Flickr – Photo Sharing! Bryan Lee O'Malley

piece for the Giant Robot "Water Works" show with UNICEF – 100% of proceeds will go to recovery efforts in Japan

Gallery: Sega Introduces 1UP to Captain America and Thor

Photos from a Sega/Marvel display at Pax East.

Too Busy Thinking About My Comics: What Is To Henry Pym As Alcohol Was To Tony Stark? Extreme Dispositional Changes In The Characters Of Superheroes: Part 1 of 2

And yet, where the vast majority of these cases are concerned, creators have in truth given their characters caricatures of mental illnesses which, at second glance, bear no more relation to real-world psychological problems than Spider-Man's leaping athleticism does to the mechanics of the high jump.

DC Universe Online: We talk post-launch with Jim Lee and Marv Wolfman | GamesRadar

It's a completely different experience. You're working with a team of people so there's not only a creative aspect but a managerial aspect to it. There's some creative direction to trying to teach people your art style and harness all these different abilities, whether they're conceptual artists or 3D modelers, and then  to pull it all together to create one consistent world. When working on a comic with one writer you're the guy creating everything that's on that page so they're almost 180 degrees apart in the creative process.

GIRLS MONTH: Half Moon Bay extends Wonder Woman line | Licensing Industry | News by

Giftware licensee Half Moon Bay is significantly bolstering its Wonder Woman product range, after enjoying strong sales to date. The Warner Bros/DC brand continues to be a best seller for the company, which has over 28 different products across a range of formats. These include textiles, stationery, mugs, keyrings, bags, tin signs and lunch boxes.

Michael Gough, Known as Butler in 'Batman,' Dies at 94 –

Michael Gough, the lithe, angular-faced British character actor best known for his role as Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce Wayne's trusted butler, in four "Batman" movies, died on Thursday at his home in England. He was 94.

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