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Cover image for Thor #21
Welcome to Saturday Night Previews, where we attach snarky headlines to previews of next week's comics and call it "journalism." Thor's issues with lifting his hammer have all but ruined the God of Thunder Will he take a viagra before it's too late? Check out the preview below. Thor #21 by Donny Cates & Nic Klein, cover[...]
Thor #21 Already Selling Copies For $23 on eBay A Week Before Release
Bleeding Cool already reported on increased aftermarket interest in Thor #20 for the first appearance of The God Of Hammers Which was Agatha all along Sorry, I mean, it was Mjolnir all along ,The Simone Bianchi 1:25 variant cover for Thor #20 that came out from Marvel a couple of weeks back sold for $180. The 1:25[...]
Thor #20 Booms On eBay Over God Of Hammers
Catwoman #39 isn't the only comic whose 1:25 variant cover is selling for $180, so is the Simone Bianchi 1:25 variant cover for Thor #20 that came out from Marvel a couple of weeks back The first appearance of The God Of Hammers from Donny Cates and Nic Klein has exploded, rather The 1:25 second[...]
The Silver Surfer #4 (Marvel, 1969).
Who is the strongest hero in the Marvel Universe?  It's a question that fans have debated since the earliest days of Marvel, as characters such as Thor, the Thing, Hulk, and more were introduced.  Such hero vs hero battles had practically become legendary by the mid-1960s, and some of them have been sought after by[...]
So You Can't Afford Beta Ray Bill's 1st Appearance - What About 2nd?
The Mighty Thor #337, as well as marking the start of Walter Simonson's legendary run on the Thor comic book, also includes the first appearance of Beta-Ray Bill And goes for huge amounts of money, especially these days But it's with his second appearance in The Mighty Thor #338 that you see Bill on the[...]
PrintWatch: Devil's Reign, Thor & Jim Lee's X-Men Get Second Prints
PrintWatch: Marvel Comics are putting two comic books back to second printings this week, Devil's Reign #2 and Thor #20 for the 16th of February, with a 1:25 second printing variant for the latter, while IDW is doing the same for Jim Lee's X-Men Artists Edition for the 23rd of February. PrintWatch: Devil's Reign #2 Second[...]
Thor #750
Another gimmick on the list is bringing back past creators to tell one more story from their legendary run, and so Marvel is really pulling all the stops to celebrate 750 legacy issues of Thor with the upcoming Thor #24, which happens to be Thor #750 in legacy numbers Yay! From the press release: This April, the[...]
Hulk Gets A Knull From Donny Cates & Ryan Ottley In Hulk #6
And after HULK #6, there's no stopping it…" Check out your first glimpse of this new powerhouse Hulk character on Ryan Ottley's cover for HULK #6 and stay tuned to upcoming issues of HULK to learn more! HULK #6 Written by DONNY CATES Art and Cover by RYAN OTTLEY On Sale 4/20 This does of course arrive just before the Hulk[...]
Cover image for Thor #20
Odin has had about enough of his son's stuggles with hammer impotence in this preview of Thor #20, in stores Wednesday from Marvel Check out the preview below. Thor #20 by Donny Cates & Nic Klein, cover by Nic Klein "GOD OF HAMMERS" PART 2 of 5 Mjolinr is on a rampage across the realms and is leaving[...]
Teased In Marvel Comics' Timeless #1 (Spoilers)
In Thor #16, Thor dreamed of his future. Thor #16 Thor's eventual death in an apocalyptic future at the hands of Thanos, wielding The Infinity Hammer – Mjolnir engraved with the six Infinity Stones – and the Black Winter Gauntlet while leading an army of the dead As previously seen in Thor #6. Thor #6 And then we had[...]
Hulk/Thor: Banner Of War Reprises Ragnarok
Thor: Banner of War is Marvel's April, May, and June 2o22 crossover between Hulk and Thor by Hulk and Thor writer Donny Cates and artist Martin Coccolo. It's beginning to look a lot like Thor: Ragnarok… Donny Cates is currently taking two of Marvel's most iconic characters on transformative journeys in the pages of HULK and THOR[...]
Full Marvel Comics March 2022 Solicits And Solicitations
Throughout Jason Aaron's epic run on Thor, there was one major, unifying theme: Thor's struggle with impotence Yes, Thor's inability to use his hammer due to feeling "unworthy" proved that yes, it really does happen to all guys sometimes Ultimately, that run had a happy ending, with Thor finding his mojo, regaining the ability to[...]
Hasbro Reveals Marvel Legends Marvel Comics Thor: Ragnarok Figure
A new Marvel Legends figure is on the way as they dive deeper into the world of Marvel Comics with the Thor Ragnarok story Inspired by his appearance in Marvel Comics Civil War, this cybernetic clone is ready to create some series of chaos for Earth's Mightiest heroes Hasbro brings this powerful clone of Thor[...]
Look, we know it's not uncommon for kids to want to go in the opposite direction from their parents so it's not that surprising that Hemsworth's son would be less all-in on dad's Thor than with the arrow-slinging duo currently tearing up our streaming screens Oh, and serious extra bonus points for rocking the purple[...]
Mephisto's Plans Unfold In Avengers #50
Jane Foster was the girlfriend of Donald Blake, the human form of Thor Then of Thor Then not Then she became Thor Then she became Valkyrie And now? She may well be becoming an Avenger In today's Avengers #50/#750, one of the Multiversal Deathloks searching for Avengers to join a cause, identifies Jane Foster, working[...]