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Silver Surfer #4 CGC Copy On Auction At ComicConnect
Maybe one of the five most iconic covers from Marvel Comics, Thor swinging at a charging Surfer, is just such a mesmerizing piece of art John and Sal Buscema crushed this one; I imagine when this one was done, they took the rest of the day off and high-fived each other On auction right now[...]
Journey Into Mystery #85 5.5. First Loki
Stan Lee created a version of him for a pre-Marvel comic book called Venus and then brought him into the Journey Into Mystery comic book, created by Stan, his brother Larry Leiber and Jack Kirby alongside his brother Thor in issue #85 in 1963 And, handily timed alongside the new Loki TV show, four copies[...]
Thor Summons A Storm With New Avengers: Endgame Iron Studios Statue
Bro Thor is back, and he is ready to fix his mistakes from Avengers: Infinity War and kill Thanos Iron Studios continues their celebration of the Marvel Studios Infinity Saga with the final piece of their Endgame connection statue series Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor are ready to get united to save Earth one[...]
Separated At Birth - Thor And Superman Hug It Out
Separated At Birth:  Superman #243 from DC Comics published in October 1971 featured this cover by Neal Adams and Dick Giordano, with Superman in the embrace of Raja, an alien who had taken a form deemed to be pleasing to Superman. Separated, Kissing At Birth – Thor and Sif, Superman and Raja Put up against this page[...]
First Appearance of Beta Ray Bill in Thor #337 Up for Auction
The world is about to see someone else take the mantle and powers of Thor in Thor: Love and Thunder, but Jane Foster isn't the only one to do so in the past. Thor #337 by multi-hyphenate writer/penciler/inker/cover artist Walt Simonson, colorist George Roussos, and letterer John Workman introduced the alien warrior Beta Ray Bill, a one-time rival[...]
First Jane Foster Thor In What If #10 Up for Auction
After confirming that the fourth Thor film, Thor: Love and Thunder would feature Natalie Portman becoming the titular character in some capacity, speculation began to run rampant Many wondered what events could lead to Portman's Jane Foster becoming the next Thor, and director Taika Waititi opened up about the chance to acknowledge the Jason Aaron/Russell[...]
Marvel Comics June 2021 Solicitations And Solicits
The details were never made public, but it must have cost everyone involved a pretty penny. Alessandro Vitti finished off the pandemic-postponed Taskmaster series at Marvel but was then announced that he would be the new artist on Donny Cates-written Thor, Replacing Nic Klein on the book, the solicitation read "Join the new Thor artist, Alessandro Vitti for[...]
Mobius and the Time Variance Authority (TVA) have "persuaded" him to help them set things right Here's a look at Hiddleston breaking the news- with Loki set to premiere on the streaming service on Wednesday, June 9: can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Announcement | Marvel Studios' Loki | Disney+ ( In a recent interview[...]
Cover image for THOR AND LOKI DOUBLE TROUBLE #3 (OF 4)
Thor and Loki: Double Trouble #3 hits stores from Marvel Comics next week, but if you can't wait that long — and hey, we're not going to judge you, you comic book junkie — you can get a little taste right now in this preview Thor and Loki are in trouble (big surprise) and they're[...]
Almost one year late… Late Marvel Comics, From Black Panther to Thor to Non-Stop Spider-Man Non-Stop Spider-Man continues to have the most ironic title with #3 now delayed from the original May date to the 2nd of June and #4 for the 7th of July – but Chris Bachalo did suffer severely from the virus. Thor #15 has[...]
Marvel Comics
And who appeared to have been modelled on the Valkyrie character played by Thompson in Thor: Ragnarok, Avengers: Infinity War, and Avengers: Endgame And, for the first time, naming her. Who is Runa? In the poem Völundarkviða, that is one name for Ölrun, identified as a valkyrie, and as a daughter of Kiár of Valland[...]
A History Of "I Would Have Words With Thee" and Thor #10 Spoilers
"I would have words with thee", spoken by Marvel Comics' version of Thor wasn't exactly a catchphrase right from the beginning, was certainly part of its lexicon Initially, it was just that Thor wanted to chat about something That was all Nothing more than that. But in a scene drawn by George Perez, with the Avengers[...]
Mobius and the Time Variance Authority (TVA) are having him "assist" them in making things right While few details are known beyond that, based on the MCU's move towards a multiverse, we can assume that viewers will be treated to various takes on Loki- and from what Hiddleston told Empire in a recent interview, those[...]
Avengers #44 Review: Wildly Nonsensical
She-Hulk! All of this ultimately pointless pugilism happens while Thor grapples with a terrifying revelation that's the equivalent of a Maury Povich surprise If you had plugged a few quarters into an arcade game and ended up with this selection of heroes, you might think it was pretty fly As a "story," especially with the[...]
The Lightning Calls Thor With Kotobukiya’s Newest Marvel Statue
Thor, God of Thunder has arrived on Midgard with a brand new 1/6 scale statue from Kotobukiya Based on his design from Marvel Comics, Thor stands 17.5" tall and is displayed in a battle pose with Mjolnir The statue is packed with a remarkable sculpt, detail, and color that will make it a real treat[...]