Thanos Celebrates His Win in This Thor #22 Original
Here, in the below page from 2000's Thor #22 by John Romita Jr and Klaus Janson, the thicc villain lifts a smoking goblet, toasting the reader with a smug grin on his face Whatever he's celebrating, you know, has to be bad. Thor #22 was written by Dan Jurgens and features a vision of the future, seen by Odin[...]
Shazadam appears in Justice League #59, but now he is called Black Adam. When will DC make up its mind?!
Though thanks to DC, Tuesday Titans too.  If any other retailers would like to report their top sellers, please contact Top Ten Bleeding Cool Bestseller List of the week Brian Bendis and David Marquez are back together for Justice League and, Shazadam or not, top the charts in a week without X-Men or Batman, pushing aside[...]
Marvel. Disney+ has already launched the hugely successful Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany-starring WandaVision, with The Falcon and the Winter Soldier starring Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie kicking off this week, and Tom Hiddleston-starring Loki, animated anthology series What If…?, the Don Cheadle-starring armor Armor Wars, the Dominique Thorne-starring Ironheart, and a "Guardians of the Galaxy" holiday special. [...]
Thor: Love and Thunder Logo. Credit: Marvel/Disney
Chris Hemsworth is one of the best additions to the MCU, and with a fourth film (Thor: Love and Thunder) currently being filmed, the star knows that this is an important moment for the next era of Marvel films. After the uber-profits of Avengers: Endgame, Thor was seen scrapping his position of power to journey through[...]
Black Panther Vs Wolverine in Avengers #43
In last month's Avengers #42, we learnt of Thor Odinson's lineage Not the son of Freya, not the son of Gaea (even though he channelled Gaea's powers recently in Empyre) but the son of The Phoenix, a cosmic force with which his father, Odin, got down with a million years ago Not that in today's[...]
It could be as subtle as having it playing on a TV in the background or just getting Brown or Salinger in a one-off appearance. Eric Allan Kramer as Thor and Lou Ferrigno as Hulk in The Incredible Hulk Returns (1988) Image courtesy of Image Entertainment In She-Hulk, I can honestly see Mark Ruffalo's Smart Hulk have[...]
Marvel Voices: Legacy #1 Review: A True Treasure
Here, she wields Thor, Monica Rambeau, and Jennifer Walters with a gentle touch, managing a lot in two pages, with the crisp visuals from Natacha Bustos and Rachelle Rosenberg making a supermarket trip thrilling. The final three stories — a perfect "slice of life" look at young heroines from Mohale Mashigo, Chris Allen, and Rachelle Rosenberg;[...]
Thor #12 Review: This Is A Mess
Everybody involved is all skilled craftspeople who have made impressive comics work before … but this? Thor #12 is a mess, with issues of internal logic that ring false as well as visually muddy sequences that are supposed to be combat, but just look like implications. Thor #12 Cover Credit: Marvel First of all, let's look at the[...]
Valkyrie's Mr Horse Tells Marvel Readers
So much so that when Al Ewing left the title, he gave notes to subsequent creative teams on how to write for Mr Horse. We learnt that he didn't have any time for those posh ponies of Asgard, and that he was quite the militant when it came to workers rights. But as to his wider political[...]
Mobius, a member of is the Time Variance Authority who appears to be "assigned' to time-displaced Loki. ©Marvel Studios 2020 All Rights Reserved. Set for May 2021 with Waldron leading the writing team and executive-producing, and Kate Herron (Sex Education) directing and executive producing, Loki finds Hiddleston's God of Mischief on the run and on a mission[...]
WandaVision: Kat Dennings on Darcy’s Opinion of Jane as Mighty Thor
Before the actress' return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the Disney+ series WandaVision, Darcy's last appearance was in the maligned Thor: The Dark World in 2013 Now as the primary researcher and astrophysicist witnessing the sitcom phenom that is Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany) behind CRT televisions, the character's come a[...]
The New Valkyrie Owned Thor's Axe Jangenborg Before Thor
There are plenty of other changes to Thor history going on today But back in Thor: God Of Thunder #1, we see an earlier version of Thor of the 9th Century, unable to pick up Mjolnir, wield the axe Jarnbjorn Forged by Dwarves, it became his regular weapon of choice for centuries and during the[...]
Thor: Love and Thunder Logo. Credit: Marvel/Disney
Dennings, who first appeared 10 years ago in the first Thor film, was last seen in Thor: The Dark World, without any real opportunity for her return ever since In a recent interview with IGN discussing WandaVision, the star was asked about the upcoming Thor film, Thor: Love and Thunder, where the inevitable questioning about[...]
Wonder Woman 1984 Credit Scene Revealed (Spoilers)
We've already seen it established in previous Avengers and Thor comics by Aaron that Thor's father Odin had it away with the embodiment of the Phoenix force, a million years ago The Phoenix force that would one day possess Jean Grey of the X-Men A comic book story that would make the X-Men what they[...]
Heroes Reborn #1-4 Solicitations For May 2021
But what's become of familiar faces like Tony Stark, Peter Parker, and Carol Danvers, and what deadly new threats have emerged in the void they left behind? And where does Mephisto come into it all? Thor Is Now An Atheist In Heroes Reborn #1-4 For May 2021 HEROES REBORN #1 Written by JASON AARON Art by ED MCGUINNESS Cover by[...]