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Weird Comics #2 featuring Thor (Fox Features Syndicate, 1940)
There were several comic book depictions of the mythological god Thor before the famous Marvel character we know today which appeared Journey into Mystery #83 by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee.  These include versions that have appeared in comics such as Adventure Comics #75 (June 1942), Boy Commandos #7 (Summer 1944), Tales of the Unexpected[...]
Thor: God and Thunder Gorr the God Butcher Slays with Hot Toys
Thor: Love and Thunder have seen to come and go, but it did give Marvel fans a truly remarkable villain Yes, Gorr the God Butcher did not feature a Marvel Comics accurate depiction, but he has incredible This is one of the few villains I actually care for, and his descent into madness is relatable[...]
Thor: Ragnarok Gladiator Hulk Enters the Arena with Iron Studios 
The Hulk return to peak physical performance as Iron Studios takes Marvel Studios fans back to the hit film Thor: Ragnarok Gladiator Hulk is back and is bigger and better than ever as Iron Studios debut their new massive 1/4 scale statue Coming in at a whopping 31.9" tall, this green giant is packed with[...]
Interior preview page from THOR #28 NIC KLEIN COVER
Thor and Venom's team-up isn't going so great as Darkoth's hammer, Hellnir, gives Thor a taste of his own medicine in this preview of Thor #28. Bleeding Cool has asked us to partner with an AI for all previews articles We're sure this is going to backfire, but here goes LOLtron… what did you think of[...]
Thor experiences his worst nightmare in this preview of Marvel Preview: Jane Foster and The Mighty Thor #5, and for once it doesn't involve his hammer Check out the preview below. Jane Foster and the Mighty Thor #5 by Torunn Gronbekk & Michael Dowling, cover by Ryan Stegman Everything comes to a head in this brilliant and brutal[...]
New Marvel Studios Infinity Stone Arrives From Disney with the Aether
Thor: The Dark World is one of the more unliked films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe It told the tale of the arrival of the Dark Elf Malekith, and his quest for power after an evil entity awoke from its slumber The Aether was a power that was at the center of the war between[...]
Thor Unleashes the Power of Mjolnir with New Marvel Gallery Statue 
It really seems like Thor: Love and Thunder have just come and gone, which is sad as I really love what they did with that films While it did seem rushed, it gave us plenty of Marvel Comics goodies that any fan could b impressed by Jane Foster, Goddess of Thunder, and Gorr the God[...]
Interior preview page from THOR #27 NIC KLEIN COVER
Loki is lying to Thor in this preview of Thor #27 Well, a lie of ommission, really So what else is new? Check out the preview below. Thor #27 by Donny Cates & Al Ewing & Salvador Larroca, cover by Nic Klein Donny Cates writes Venom once again, alongside guest artist Salvador Larroca! In this team-up of kings,[...]
In this preview of Jane Foster and the Mighty Thor #4, Thor… WILL DIE?! Well, probably not, but you know how previews go… Check out the preview below. Jane Foster and the Mighty Thor #4 by Torunn Gronnbekk & Michael Dowling, cover by Ryan Stegman Asgard's defenses have been breached, its warriors battered and still more legions are[...]
Hasbro Reveals Incredible Gorr the God Butcher Marvel Legends Figure
An iconic Thor villain is back once again as Hasbro unleashed the right of Gorr the God Butcher right from the comics This alien is not messing around and is ready to take the God of Thunder down a couple of pegs with this incredible figure Two head sculpts will be included with hooded and[...]
Thunder Strikes Twice with New Thor: Love and Thunder MiniCo Statues
Thor: Love and Thunder finally arrive on Disney+ next week, allowing Marvel fans to rewatch this electrifying tale This was a movie that set up some pretty big things for Thor, and I am excited to see that unfold The introduction of Gorr the God Butcher and the Mighty Thor were fantastic to see in[...]
Love and Thunder Thor Get Shockingly Detailed Iron Studios Statue 
Thor: Love and Thunder was a fantastic film, and it went in a direction I was not expecting at all Marvel fans will finally be able to watch it once again when it drops on Disney+ on September 9, 2022 for Disney Plus Day I am excited to see the quest to stop Gorr the[...]
Al Ewing To Co-Write Thor #27 & Thor #28
As Venom comes to the Thor comic book titles for a bit of a crossover, Bleeding Cool understands that Venom co-writer Al Ewing will be joining Thor writer Donny Cates on writing the delayed two-parter story featuring the God of Thunder and the God of Symbiotes together. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 50%; } #gallery-1[...]
Beta Ray Bill Brings Glory to Diamond Select Toys Marvel Select 
At this point, most Marvel fans have already seen Thor: Love and Thunder, and sadly, there was no Beta Ray Bill appearance Bill was one of those characters many speculators were expecting to arrive in this film, but I am glad he didn't because he deserves more than a small role Beta Ray Bill has[...]
Jane battles her demons in this preview of Jane Foster and the Mighty Thor #3… well, one demon in particular Check out the preview below. Jane Foster and the Mighty Thor #3 by Torunn Gronbekk & Michael Dowling, cover by Ryan Stegman JANE VS S'YM OF LIMBO FOR THE FATE OF ASGARD! The battle against the Dark Elves[...]
Thor: What Marvel Gave Natalie Portman Star Wars Couldn’t [OPINION]
She also stars as Jane Foster in the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Thor franchise, appearing in three of the four films, with her most recent in 2022's Thor: Love and Thunder So before we deep dive into both films, this is a major spoiler warning for the Taika Waititi film. Natalie Portman as The Mighty Thor in[...]
Marvel’s What If… How Animated Series Can Re-Visit Live-Action Past
I would even try to even recruit Eric Allan Kramer and Rex Smith to see if they would be interested in reprising their roles as Thor and Daredevil from the TV movies. Nicholas Hammond in The Amazing Spider-Man Image courtesy of Sony The second would be the Nicholas Hammond-starred The Amazing Spider-Man (1977), which was pretty derivative[...]
Hot Toys Puts the Hammer Down with Jane Foster Thor Figure 
Lightning strikes twice at Hot Toys as another Thor: Love and Thunder 1/6 scale figure have arrived Move over Thor; there is a new God of Thunder here as the Mighty Thor is in town as Jane Foster wields the power of Mjolnir Coming to us from the latest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe[...]
Thor: Why Jaimie Alexander Deserves Her Own Lady Sif Disney+ Spinoff
It's clear Alexander still enjoys playing the character, given her recent turn in Thor: Love and Thunder (2022) Here are a few ideas on how you can create a Lady Sif spinoff for Disney+ This is your minor spoilers warning from here on out. Jaimie Alexander in Loki Image courtesy of Marvel Studios / Disney+ Given her[...]
Loki Sits on the Throne with Iron Studios New Exclusive SDCC Statue 
We are reliving the events of Thor once again as Loki has seized control of Asgard After Thor's banishment to Midgard, Loki has learned the truth of his history, and the All Father has collapsed Asgard is unprotected, and Loki has taken it upon himself to take control of the kingdom he believes to be[...]
Thor: Love and Thunder Featurette Looks at the Legacy of Thor
I watched Thor: Love And Thunder last week at the London Leicester Square Cineworld IMAX screening You may have heard the complaints, I am sure "Thor: Love And Thunder is just Disney woke-go-broke leftist propaganda because it has a woman Thor and two MCU gay characters." Well, let me reassure anyone with such worries; Thor:[...]
Thor: Love and Thunder Featurette Looks at the Legacy of Thor
If I were going to guess why the activist group One Million Moms (though with around 30,000 members) would be boycotting the new Thor: Love And Thunder movie, it would have been because the film depicts a pantheon of gods, all of whom are vain, unworthy of belief and clearly a stain on the concept[...]
Thor Wears with Own Iron Man Suit of Armor with New Sentinel Figure 
Whether this is Thor is a suit of armor or a suit of Iron Man armor designed after the god himself, it is a breathtaking figure This marks the ninth figure in line with other Marvel Comics characters already suiting up with Captain America, Deadpool, War Machine, Black Panther, and more.  This redesigned figure showcases Thor[...]
Russell Crowe's Zeus Sounds Like Stavros In Thor: Love And Thunder
So Russell Crowe plays Zeus in Thor: Love And Thunder We can say it now, it's in the trailer, and everything and the film is out; I saw it last week at the London Leicester Square Cineworld on IMAX But why does Russell Crowe choose to play the Greek God with a… Greek accent? Or[...]
Thor: Love and Thunder - 9 HQ Images and a New TV Spot
Last night I saw Thor: Love And Thunder on general release in the UK I saw it in a full house on the IMAX screen at the Leicester Square Cineworld in London with Tom from Gosh Comics What we thought would be a half-empty show rapidly filled up in the five minutes before the film[...]
Lady Loki Seduces Your Marvel Collection with Kotobukiya Re-Release 
Loki can now seduce her way into any fans collection once again, making her return to the Bishoujo series after 6 years! Marvel fans will not want to miss this reproduction, and she will pair well with the rerelease of the Lady Thor statue Lady Loki is priced at $129.99, set for a June 2023[...]
Thunder Strikes as Jane Foster Thor Statue Returns to Kotobukiya 
Thor: Love and Thunder is finally here, giving us the latest addition to the MCU and a new God of Thunder That is right, move over Thor; Jane Foster is wielding the hammer this time This idea of a Lady Thor is not new and has already appeared in Marvel Comics after the events of[...]
Jason Aaron's Original Thor Pitch For Gorr, But Didn't Like The Name
Lots of people will be seeing Thor: Love And Thunder this weekend, as I did last night, at the London Leicester Square Cineworld IMAX screen Though other cinemas are available Jason Aaron, writer of many of the Thor comic books that this movie is based on has been sharing his original pitch for his run[...]
Thor: Love and Thunder - 9 HQ Images and a New TV Spot
Thor: Love & Thunder takes everything people loved about Ragnarok and dials it up to 11, but that holds the film back Taika Waititi's style is completely bonkers, which does not work for everyone, and certainly leads to a film that feels all over the place Pointless sidequests, a villain who disappears for most of[...]
The Return Of Miles Thor-ales In What If: Miles Morales #5
Last month, comic book writer Yehudi Mercado set the internet abuzz with the release of What If Miles Morales Was Thor? from Marvel Comics And not in a good way. Featuring Miles Morales, still a Brooklyn inhabitant but also the God Of Thunder And rather than going to Asgard, he has brought Asgard to him and[...]