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Here's hoping this week's Thor-focused episode cheers up the room a bit more- and to mark the occasion, we have an official key art character profile poster to share showing off The God of Thunder in "hammer-pointing" pose mode. Image: Marvel Studios For a look at the alt-reality multiversal heroes of Disney+ & Marvel Studios' What If…?[...]
Zachary Levi Talks Marvel Death in Thor: Ragnarok
Now that some time has passed since his stint with Marvel, the star is opening up about any prior insight he had regarding his proposed MCU death. Levi first appeared in Thor: The Dark World as a comrade to Thor with the goal of defeating Dark Elves ruler, Malekith, and later returned to the third film Thor:[...]
Peach Momoko's Demon Days: Rising Storm!
Continuing the story of Mariko Yashida, Demon Days: Rising Storm will also introduce Momoko's take on Storm and Thor. Demon Days: Rising Storm Mariko's journey through the mysterious forest of Kirisaki Mountain has brought her face-to-face with strange and terrible creatures But she's about to be tested like never before when she crosses paths with literal gods![...]
Journey Into Mystery Annual #1 (Marvel, 1965)
Re-reading the Hercules vs Thor battle in Journey into Mystery Annual #1 just now, it struck me how perfect this scene would be for a Taika Waititi Thor movie.  Maybe we'll get the chance to see that someday, as Hercules' dad Zeus appears in the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder, so perhaps Hercules himself will[...]
There Are More Spawn-Related Comics Out Today Than You Might Expect
Now Donny Cates also has a Marvel comic book out today, Thor #16 with Michele Bandini and, spoilers on, obviously he can't put the character in that His Crossover powers do not extend that far. Thor #16 But he does get to reintroduce someone to the Marvel Universe after some time apart…   Thor #16 Angela, as created by Todd[...]
Interior preview page from THOR #16
Infinity Stones time! Today sees the publication of Avengers Annual #1 and Thor #16 Bleeding Cool went in a deep dive the other week looking at the Infinite Destinies Annuals, recent issues of Black Cat and dreams of Thor And in today's Thor #16, that dream of the future is revisited. Thor #16 Thor's eventual death in[...]
Cover image for THOR #16
Thor #16 is in stores from Marvel Comics on Wednesday, though we're not sure what more there is to see after reading this preview, because Thanos just crushed Thor's head to Asgardian pulp! Is this the end of the God of Thunder? Or is he just having another nightmare as he tries to deal with[...]
Iron Studios Unleashed the Power of Thor with New Marvel Statue
Iron Studios has unveiled their very first Marvel Unleashed Deluxe Art Scale statue series with the God of Thunder, Thor The 1/10th scale statue will stand 11 inches tall and will show the mighty Avenger on a fully detailed base featuring some Viking Era theme Thor is beautifully sculpted and features his classic Marvel Comics[...]
Mini Egg Attach Avengers: Endgame Bro Thor Arrive at Beast Kingdom
From the blockbuster film, Avengers: Endgame, Bro Thor is back and ready to bless your growing Marvel Collection Coming out of Beast Kingdom's Mini Egg Attack figures line, 4 mini Bro Thor's are on the way Standing 3" tall, this Chubby God of Thunder returns in 4 different poses as he realizes the consequences of[...]
Iron Studios Reveals Thor: The Dark World 1/10th Scale Statue
Coming out of Thor: The Dark World, Thor Odinson is back as he tries to bring balance to the realms Standing 11" tall, this statue shows the God of Thunder in remarkable detail with a great likeness to Chris Hemsworth The hand-painted statue shows off this God at his peak with his luscious locks, Asgardian[...]
Meet Valg, The Big New Thor Villian From Another Dimension (Spoilers)
Welcome Valg! Today sees the publication of Thor Annual #1 by Aaron Kuder, part of the Infinite Destinies tied annuals, looking at new bearers of Infinity Stones But also introducing or reintroducing characters who will be playing a big part in Marvel Comics into 2022 and beyond Including one who was held back for Thor[...]
Cover image for THOR ANNUAL #1 INFD
Thor Annual #1 is in stores from Marvel Comics on Wednesday, spreading the super-mega-crossover event joy of Infinite Destinies, the latest in a long line of rehashes of The Infinity Gauntlet In this preview, which promises hot Thor on Thor action, we find Thor, alerted to all the evils Loki will commit in the future,[...]
Comic Creator Credits For Final Episode Of Loki Reveal All (Spoilers)
Michael Straczynski • Roger Stern • Roy Thomas • Len Wein Loki was created for the Marvel Universe by Stan Lee, Larry Leiber, and Jack Kirby for the Thor comic book  Journey into Mystery #85 in 1962 – though Stan Lee had written a very similar version of Loki for Venus #6 in 1949. Fantastic Four and the TVA Walter Simonson created the Time Variance[...]
Funko FUN TV FunKon Edition - Funko Soda Exclusives Revealed
The Soda's that were showcased during FUN TV include: Ad Icons – Kaboom Cereal – 3,000 Limited Edition – Colored Variant Chase (FunkoShop Exclusive) Marvel Comics – Thor – 15,000 Limited Edition – Black Light Chase Variant DC Comics- Harley Quinn – 12,000 Limited Edition – Metallic Chase Variant Masters of the Universe – Webstor – 5,000 Limited Edition[...]
Cover image for THOR #15
And who has bigger daddy issues than the Son of Odin himself, Thor? In Thor #15, as new artist Alessandro Vitti joins global entertainment superstar and fashion icon Donny Cates, Thor will look to sort out his daddy issues once and for all Check out a preview below. THOR #15 MARVEL COMICS APR210931 APR210934 – THOR #15 DANIEL SPIDER-MAN[...]