Grant Morrison's Wonder Woman Too Weird For The DCU?

Grant Morrison's Wonder Woman Too Weird For The DCU?

One of my all-time favourite runs on a superhero comic was Grant Morrison and Richard Case on Doom Patrol. A quite astounding take on what had become a more traditional superhero comic, mixing in surreal and dada influences and creating something that obeyed all the tropes and patterns of a superhero comic but twisted all the surface details into unrecognizable forms. Nothing since, not Arkham Asylum, not New X-Men, not Marvel Boy, not Final Crisis, has been quite the sea change that Doom Patrol represented. Now it seems Grant Morrison is part and parcel of the DC Universe, his vision for Batman and other characters married with Geoff Johns', twin engines for the DCU jumbo jet.

Well it seems there's been a small parachute jump.

It seems that Wonder Woman run that Grant Morrison and the yet-unnamed-currently-Marvel exclusive artist are planning has just proved a bit much. A bit too outside the box. A bit too.. well. A bit too Grant Morrison. As a result, the team won't be taking over the monthly title, and the project will exist in its own separate continuity.

And while, just as with Doom Patrol, I think in continuity mad series (such as X-Statix or even NextWave)  can help shake up and refresh the tied-in continuity as a whole, it's a lot harder right now to have such a series in the current market, especially such a high profile one. So at least we can be more sure that we'll be getting unfiltered Morrison Wonder Woman here, not the diluted-by-crossover stuff.

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