Jughead Learns A Valuable Lesson About Viral Videos: Jughead #14 Review

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Jughead is seriously the best comic book character ever created. His sardonic, dry humor is effortless. Ryan North has possibly written one of the best modern Jughead arcs in years, and I'm genuinely sad this was his last issue. But what an issue it was! After Jughead's joke video went viral in the last issue, his friends lives have been put into the weird turmoil one experiences with just a smidgen of internet fame. Jughead naturally feels guilty (especially after Betty tears him a new one) and becomes a recluse. When Veronica Gosh-Darned Lodge steps in to save the day, things start to get a little out of hand.


The humor is turned up in this issue. The click bait headline parodies are hilarious, and even Archie being buddy buddy and then realizing he's also supposed to be mad is, well, funny! That's the real charm to Jughead. You don't have to take him seriously. And while Jughead does have a very real problem in this issue, it's handled in a way only feasible in the world of Archie.


As I said earlier, North's run on Jughead was brilliant. He made a 75 year old character fresh and exciting. Derek Charm visually brought the cast of Riverdale to life, with vibrant and exciting art. While Jughead didn't have his trademark pencil thin nose anymore, he still retained his look, down to the 'S' shirt and beanie. I'll be sad to see this book go to another creative team, but that's how comics are. Hopefully they won't change Jughead, and keep his current personality.

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