Archie's Bringing You Summer Fun in these Diamond Solicits!

Archie Comics is Bringing You Summer Fun in these Diamond Solicits

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, American's. With the unofficial start of summer here, it's time we took a peek as to what's coming to us this summer from Archie Comics via Previews. Now these books won't be out until August, but you can get your orders in now with your favorite local comic book shop. Archie […]

An Affordable Piece of MLJ History: Suzie #51 at ComicConnect!

An Affordable Piece of MLJ History: Suzie #51 at ComicConnect

This week's ComicConnect auction has had some fantastic finds. From Phantom Lady #17 to Batman #1, we've seen some of the best that the Golden Age world has to offer! For those of you who are looking for an affordable, if not off the beaten path of regular good girl art, look no further than […]


Riverdale Star Skeet Ulrich Gives Blunt, Honest Reason for Leaving

You're curious as to why Skeet Ulrich is leaving Riverdale, the uber-popular CW drama series and so am I. So, here's what we know: Ulrich plays Jughead's dad, F.P. Jones, on Riverdale and he announced back in February that he was leaving the show at the end of this season. Thanks to the pandemic, production was […]

Looking For Early Archie? This Jackpot Comics #4 Could be Yours!

Looking For Early Archie? This Jackpot Comics #4 Could Be Yours

Before Archie was a blip in Bob Montana's eye, MLJ was publishing superhero comics. Pep, Jackpot, and Shield Wizard were just some of the comic books kids could find at their local newsstand. These books featured timely patriotic heroes — in fact, one of the heroes pre-dates Captain America, which would result in a fun […]


Riverdale Season 5: Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa Confirms Major Time Jump

I know there's been a lot of speculation around The CW's Riverdale lately with their early season finale, but fear not: there is official word that the narratives planned will play out as intended. In case you're unaware, season four's production was halfway through shooting their big prom episode with two more episodes left in […]


Riverdale Season 5: What We Know and What We're Hoping For

After the way the fourth season ended, viewers are going to have a hard time being patient for the return of Riverdale for a fifth round. Lucky for us, showrunner and series creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa took pity on us curious viewers and quelled some speculation. So, what does that mean for the show's next season? […]

Mr. Honey gets pranked on Riverdale, courtesy of The CW.

Riverdale Season 4 Finale Review: Cheesy Killing Mr. Honey Slayed Us

Welcome back to Riverdale, friends, and on this, their season finale, too. I know what you're thinking, "The season's a little light if this is the final episode" and yes, you would be right had it not been for production suspensions. Since that's what we're up against though, three episodes short of a full order […]

Things get twisted in the season finale of Riverdale, courtesy of The CW.

Riverdale Preview: The Gang Plays A Deadly Round of Killing Mr. Honey

After a week that saw The CW's Riverdale paid its respects to the themes and vibes of David Lynch, it's only fitting that Twin Peaks' "Shelly Johnson" (Mädchen Amick) would be taking over the director's chair for this week's chapter, "Killing Mr. Honey". In an unexpected twist that keeps the "weird" theme rolling, Amick's directorial effort will […]

Archie and Betty go Lynchian on Riverdale, courtesy of The CW.

Riverdale Season 4 Review: Lynchian Not Quite Blue Velvet-ish Enough

Welcome back to the sleepy little town of Riverdale, friends! Now, before you tab back over to watching "non-sexual" fully clothed tickle videos, let's chat about this week's episode, shall we? In case you're more than a little confused by the tickle-video thing, you should probably catch up on the 'Dale. And if you refuse? […]

Raymond and Archie discuss their Hollywood dreams, courtesy of Netflix.

Hollywood Teaser Finds Our Dreamers Auditioning for Their Dreams

With Ian Brennan and Ryan Murphy's Hollywood set to make its debut on Netflix this Friday, May 1, viewers have already been treated to the opening credits to the series. Now, viewers are getting a better look at our cast of dreamers in a clip that's done' as if it was test footage from an audition […]

The students of Riverdale find things going Lynchian this week, courtesy of The CW.

Riverdale Preview Finds Things Getting Dangerously Lynchian This Week

The CW's Riverdale returns this week with an episode that pays respects to all things David Lynch, and we were so caught up with excitement that we thought the episode was actually running last week. Of course, we're going to write it off as some shady dealings from The Black Lodge or our way of […]

Archie and Betty are trying to figure things out on Riverdale, courtesy of The CW.

Riverdale Preview Embraces Its Twin Peaks Lineage and Goes Lynchian

For The CW's Riverdale, an episode paying homage to all things David Lynch seems a long time coming, since the whole tone and vibe of the series wouldn't exist if it wasn't for the lasting impact of Twin Peaks. On top of that, they've had "Shelly Johnson" (Madchen Amick) as part of their cast since […]

Kevin and the cast stand up to Mr. Honey on Riverdale, courtesy of The CW.

Though Well-Intended, Riverdale Does Hedwig A Serious Disservice

Finally, welcome back to The CW's Riverdale, and, oh, and they're singing again. While it's debatable as to if every character on the show has gone insane, "spontaneous song" is the name of the game in this week's musical spectacular. Now, don't get me wrong, I like Riverdale, but not nearly as much as I […]

Archie Comics 80th Anniversary Presents: Archie Digital Exclusive Cover.

Archie Comics Gets Ready to Celebrate 80 Years With Digital Comics

It's hard to believe that Archie Comics is turning 80 years old. What started as a superhero comic under the MLJ publishing name, our iconic redhead, didn't make his first appearance until two years into the publisher's life. Archie initially served as a backup story to MLJ's superhero comics, starting with Pep Comics #22 in […]

Kevin and the musical's cast confront the school's administration in Riverdale, courtesy of The CW.

Riverdale Preview for Wicked Little Town Hits A High Protest Note

After having to sit things out for an extra week, The CW's Riverdale returns next week for this season's highly-anticipated musical episode. Despite my preference, they are not doing Les Miserables but the entire school finds itself up-in-arms and backing Kevin Keller (Casey Cott) when his performance in the variety show is banned because "Hedwig […]


Betty and Veronica Comics Double Digest #282 Is Fun and Refreshing

Betty and Veronica Comics Double Digest is just the thing you, or your kids, need. The double digests are classic Archie fun, and they're always a feel-good read. This romp into the classic Archie universe is just what we need right now! Readers get a lot in this double digest. We open with Betty and […]

The Diving Into The Comic Vault logo. Photo: Baltimore Lauren.

Diving Into the Comics Vault: Pep Comics #5

Welcome back to another episode of Diving Into the Comics Vault! We're now five issues into MLJ's flagship title, Pep Comics. This issue of Pep Comics features a rather striking cover. The Shield is underwater, fighting enemy subs. Artist Irv Novick did an exceptional job with making Shield look like he really was fighting underwater. […]


"Riverdale": Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa On Our Gang's Real World Reaction

Riverdale creator, writer, and executive producer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa is doing his part to help fans pass the time at home with a little fun speculation over how the gang would handle our current reality. Contributing to a line-up of shows getting the "What If…?" treatment from their respective writers, showrunners, etc., Aguirre-Sacasa breaks down why […]


The New Archies is a Delightful Blast From the Past

Somewhere between Little Archie and Archie is The New Archies. In 1987 we got a 13 episode show by the same name, as well as a comic that went alongside the cartoon. This graphic novel features several issues from both The New Archies comic series as well as the digests. This is not a complete collection […]


Archie Comics Expands Apparel Line at Threadless

Like the world's best rappers, athletes, or Instagram stars, comic book publisher Archie Comics has unveiled an expanded new clothing line at Threadless, a press release announced Wednesday. The new lineup features "unexpected fun takes on the classic Archie characters including Tarot card-inspired designs, classic logo artwork, cheerleading and biker art styles, and art from […]