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Archie Horror Vampironica Gets A Exclusive Icon Heroes SDCC Statue

Archie Horror Vampironica Gets A Exclusive Icon Heroes SDCC Statue

Icon Heroes joins in on San Diego Comic 2020 with there own exclusive statue. Coming out of the Archie Horror Comics series Vampironica, which followed Veronica Lodge after becoming a vampiress. The success of the Archie Horror series made more new stories featuring other characters and it all starter here with Vampironica. Icon Heroes has […]

Archie Comics to Donate 100% of Online Sales to EJI

Archie Comics to Donate 100% of Online Sales to EJI

For the past few decades, Archie Comics has not shied away from inclusiveness Since they introduced Chuck Clayton, Archie Comics has made great strides in trying to create an equal and just world within the safe pages of the Archie Comic Universe As of late, Archie has been going above and beyond with showing the[...]

Archie's Bringing You Summer Fun in these Diamond Solicits!

Archie Comics is Bringing You Summer Fun in these Diamond Solicits

With the unofficial start of summer here, it's time we took a peek as to what's coming to us this summer from Archie Comics via Previews Now these books won't be out until August, but you can get your orders in now with your favorite local comic book shop. Archie & Friends Endless Summer #1 [caption id="attachment_1210365"[...]

An Affordable Piece of MLJ History: Suzie #51 at ComicConnect!

An Affordable Piece of MLJ History: Suzie #51 at ComicConnect

From Phantom Lady #17 to Batman #1, we've seen some of the best that the Golden Age world has to offer! For those of you who are looking for an affordable, if not off the beaten path of regular good girl art, look no further than Suzie #51.Suzie was introduced into the MLJ (Archie Comics)[...]

Looking For Early Archie? This Jackpot Comics #4 Could be Yours!

Looking For Early Archie? This Jackpot Comics #4 Could Be Yours

This bright and beautiful cover by MLJ cover wizard Irv Novick is one of his best. Jackpot Comics might not have lasted for a long time; in fact, MLJ would rename their company to Archie Comics before the Golden Age was even over, but this is an essential comic in the Archie universe and is one[...]


Own Cheryl Blossom's First Appearance From ComicConnect

But did you know the vivacious red-head made her first appearance in Archie's Girls Betty and Veronica #320? In 1982 Dan DeCarlo unleashed Cheryl into the world, only for Archie Comics to quickly put her on a semi-hiatus due to parental uproar over the overtly sexy Cheryl She would then reemerge in the 90's thanks[...]

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Diving Into the Comic Vault: Pep Comics #8 is Daring and Dashing

Hello, and welcome back to Diving Into the Comic Vault! Today we'll be looking at Pep Comics #8. This cover prominently features the Shield escaping an Egyptian sarcophagus as he goes to save a woman from men dressed in ancient Egyptian garb. Pep Comics #8 came out in 1940 when America was still entranced by […]

Archie Comics 80th Anniversary Presents: Archie Digital Exclusive Cover.

Archie Comics Gets Ready to Celebrate 80 Years With Digital Comics

It's hard to believe that Archie Comics is turning 80 years old What started as a superhero comic under the MLJ publishing name, our iconic redhead, didn't make his first appearance until two years into the publisher's life Archie initially served as a backup story to MLJ's superhero comics, starting with Pep Comics #22 in[...]


Archie Gets Political in World of Archie Jumbo Comics Digest Preview

World of Archie Jumbo Comics Digest #98 is out from Archie Comics this week, one of the few new comics hitting stores amidst an industry-wide shutdown The comic mostly collects older stories, but it does feature one new story by Bill Bettwy, Kennedy Bros, Bob Smith, Glenn Whitmore, and Jack Morelli.That story is called The[...]

The Diving Into The Comic Vault logo. Photo: Baltimore Lauren.

Diving Into the Comic Vault: Pep Comics #6

This was sadly the norm at the time, but I do not feel it reflects on the Archie Comics of today If you are looking to re-read these issues, it's important for you to be aware that you will see people of color depicted in a racist manner.Next, we jump back into The Comet[...]


Betty and Veronica Comics Double Digest #282 Is Fun and Refreshing

Betty and Veronica Comics Double Digest is just the thing you, or your kids, need. The double digests are classic Archie fun, and they're always a feel-good read. This romp into the classic Archie universe is just what we need right now! Readers get a lot in this double digest. We open with Betty and […]

The Diving Into The Comic Vault logo. Photo: Baltimore Lauren.

Diving Into the Comics Vault: Pep Comics #5

I wish Archie Comics would put out some kind of hardcover collecting their pre-Archie days These stories are fun, and a good way to see how life was during WWII. Welcome back to another episode of Diving Into the Comics Vault! We're now five issues into MLJ's flagship title, Pep Comics.This issue of Pep Comics[...]


The New Archies is a Delightful Blast From the Past

There are some slight changes -- Dilton is not a character (instead we have a brainy kid named Eugene), Jughead's iconic beanie is purple, and Veronica is wearing an awful giant bow -- but it still captures the heart and imagination that only Archie Comics knows how.My personal favorite story in this book is Wrestle-Maniac,[...]


REVIEW: Sabrina The Teenaged Witch #1 — "Short End Of The Broomstick"

(Archie Comics, creative team for Sabrina: Something Wicked: Kelly Thompson, Veronica Fish, Andy Fish, Jack Morelli)With an approach much closer to Melissa Joan Hart version of Sabrina than Kiernan Shipka, this is actually two comics happening at the same time: there's a fairly basic teenaged tale of trying to balance friendship, schoolwork, romance and a[...]

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Diving into the Comics Vault: Pep Comics #4

If you want to read the previous entry in this series click here. Pep Comics #4 has one of my favorite covers. Featuring The Shield, we see our hero fighting bad guys in tanks in what we can safely assume is Washington D.C. This is a bright, eye-catching cover, and should be considered a Golden […]

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Diving Into the Comic Vault: Pep Comics #3

Welcome back to Diving Into the Comic Vault! If you haven't read this series yet, no worries. Check out our first post here! Today we'll be focusing on Pep Comics #3, with its signature hero — The Shield. In this issue, we open with The Shield in another daring adventure. American ships are being attacked […]


Diving Into the Comics Vault: Pep Comics #2

This anthology comic is easy to digest and read, and paints a very real picture of how Archie Comics would become once the war effort was over The art is delightful and fun, and also very colorful The inkers of this time did a good job.Overall this a great comic to read, or even own![...]


Diving into the comic vault: Pep Comics #1

What soon would become Archie Comics, MLJ created many superheros under their umbrella, as well as a number of comic anthologies One of their most popular -- and long time standing -- anthologies was Pep Comics.Pep Comics #1 has a cover date of January 1940, but came out in November of 1939 Pep Comics #1[...]

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How Archie Will Continue Publishing Comics, Print and Digital

Archie Comics has issued a following statement to retailers, about their plans to publish their April 1st titles next week as usual, in print and in digital, and send them to subscribers or directly to retailers, including Sabrina: Something Wicked #1 and Cosmo the Mighty Martian #5, as well as Vampironica: New Blood #4 on[...]


Archie Comics Reduces Schedule, Makes All March/April Titles Returnable

But yesterday, as Bleeding Cool was reporting on Diamond's plans to close their doors to new product, Archie Comic Publications has issued the following statement regarding the Coronavirus pandemic: Archie Comics will be making all of our new products scheduled for release in March and April fully returnable for comic book retailers due to increasing restrictions[...]