Kaitlyn Booth, the New Editor-In-Chief of Bleeding Cool

Yesterday, Kaitlyn Booth was made the new Editor-In-Chief of Bleeding Cool. I understand that this had been in the planning for some time but that certain events had sped up the procedure a tad.

Kaitlyn joined Bleeding Cool staff two years ago as our Senior Film writer, after reporting for the site from numerous comic book conventions. She worked as a professional film critic for WatchPlayRead for two years before that and is a member of the Utah Film Critics Association. You can also hear her on the Nerd Dome Podcast which she co-hosts.

And while film has been her focus, she's also has big-time comic book knowledge.

She's very much a firm hand on the tiller, and probably something – and someone – we all need here. Holding the site to high editorial standards, ensuring fair reporting, evaluating and editing content, all that jazz. I've been asked to play an advisory role, which I'm happy to do, but she's in charge.

I, and the rest of the Bleeding Cool team, will be reporting to her on a daily basis and I look forward to taking my marching orders.

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