New Trailer For Alexander Payne's The Descendants Shows George Clooney Living The Low Life In Hawaii

The release of Alexander Payne's new family drama The Descendants is fast approaching. At least, it's fast approaching in the US, where the release date is set for November 18th; here in the UK we have to wait until January 12th 2012 (boo). So it's about time for another trailer, shorter than the last one, but which includes the rather disconcerting sight of George Clooney running in flip-flops.

Payne is probably best known for his sardonic wine country comedy Sideways, which starred Paul Giamatti and Thomas Haden Church and won an Oscar for best screenplay. In The Descendants, George Clooney plays a man with two daughters whose wife is caught up in a boating accident off the shores of Waikiki. It's about feelings and crap. But despite that it actually looks very good.


I'm hoping to get into a press screening for this film, since they sometimes serve free drinks at those screenings. Who doesn't like a nice glass of Merlot?