Preview Character Designs And Meta Content From Leaving Megalopolis By Gail Simone And Jim Calafiore

It started off as a Kickstarter that raised a six-figure sum due to overwhelming fan demand, and that's no surprise due to the team up of the magnificent Gail Simone and Jim Calafiore, who previously collaborated on Secret Six. The idea behind the comic hinges on the flipping of the superhero tradition wherein heroes become killers and the citizens become the hunted.


Dark Horse, who picked up the successful Kickstarter describes the book thus:

When the caped heroes of the world's safest city inexplicably turn into homicidal maniacs, no one is safe. The only rational thing to do is to get the hell out of town. If only it were that easy. A small group of terrified survivors make a desperate run for the city limits, chased by unspeakable evil!

This week Leaving Megalopolis arrived in hardcover from Dark Horse containing plenty of extra material that adds to the story for readers, including character descriptions and designs, and insights from Simone on the "life of the page" and the "ideas" behind many of the characters. You can check out a preview of the comic itself here from Dark Horse, but we can take you further inside the life of the series with these meta-material images.

Here's our preview of that extra content from Dark Horse:

LM_supp_1-1 LM_supp_1-2 LM_supp_1-3 LM_supp_1-4 LM_supp_1-5 LM_supp_1-6 LM_supp_1-7 LM_supp_1-8You can find out more about the hardcover release of Leaving Megalopolis here.

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