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Orphan and the Five Beasts Is a Psychedelic Kung Fu Fever Dream
Credit: Dark Horse Comics James Stokoe's (Orc Stain) newest work was released by Dark Horse Comics on March 17th and shows his typical dedication in creating his comics cover to cover Lettering, inks, colors, covers, storyline, and more, 100% of this issue is done by Stokoe's hand Stokoe created a comic worthy of multiple readings in[...]
A Look Through X-Ray Spex At X-Ray Robot
Credit: Dark Horse Comics It's tough to write about the Allred Family's work (Mike Allred and Laura Allred) and not write the word joy X-Ray Robot is another piece of their joyous science fiction Depending on how generous you are to X-Ray Robot, it's either a trope or a standard that the duo engages in: Parallel[...]
Dark Horse Announce New Dave McKean Graphic Novel: Raptor
Oregon-based comics publisher Dark Horse Comics announced Raptor: A Sokol Graphic Novel, a new original graphic novel from superstar artist Dave McKean, due out July 7, 2021 The OGN, Raptor: A Sokol Graphic Novel, isn't McKean's first rodeo with Dark Horse Dark Horse previously published a lot of Dave McKean's catalog, including Black Dog: The[...]
REVIEW: Norse Mythology #3 Brings New Characters With Unknown Origins
Credit: Dark Horse Comics In Asgard, Thor, away from his throne, has left the kingdom vulnerable to the violent attacks from his people's greatest enemy – the giants While familiar characters such as Odin, Loki, and Freya struggle to pick up the pieces in Thor's absence, a mysterious man enters their halls with a proposition; he[...]
Soupy Leaves Home Graphic Novel Gains CBLDF Educational Supplement
  In 2017, Dark Horse Comics published Cecil Castellucci and Jose Pimienta's graphic novel, Soupy Leaves Home. Set in 1932, this is the story of two misfits with no place to call home, who build a relationship during a train hopping journey from the cold heartbreak of their eastern homes toward the sunny promise of California Pearl Plankette[...]
4 Thoughts About Cyberpunk 2077: Trauma Team #1
Credit: Dark Horse Comics If American Ronin #1 was influenced by cyberpunk stories, this one's, well, it's in the name Cyberpunk 2077: Trauma Team It's a tie-in to the forthcoming multi-platform videogame Cyberpunk 2077 from Polish developer CD Projekt Red, it's unknown if there will be any cross-pollination between the two releases But, all told, the[...]
You Look Like Death: A Look Into Klaus and the Umbrella Academy
Still, finally, the repercussions of tough love from the alien patriarch are explored in this spin-off series from Dark Horse Comics. The cover of Tales from the Umbrella Academy: You Look Like Death #1 Credit: Dark Horse Comics This first issue does more than show Klaus' junkie tendencies Further, it shows his relationship with his adoptive siblings[...]
Overwatch Has Launched A Tracer Comic Challenge
Blizzard Entertainment has partnered up with Dark Horse Comics for a special Overwatch Tracer challenge based around a comic book DH has released a new set of comics based on the game, with the first issue of London Calling based around Tracer The first of five issues will be launching digitally, with the physical version[...]
Turf War Continues the Avatar's LGBTQ+ Representation
Credit: Dark Horse Comics   One thing that was never fully addressed in the Avatar universe was how queer individuals were represented and treated in the realms of the four elemental kingdoms Bryan Konietzko, the other half of The Legend of Korra creative force, agreed that a demonstration of this representation was important for fans of the[...]
Blacksad: The Masquerade: Two Recent Releases
A couple of recent releases caught my eye, Dark Horse Comics' Blacksad: Collected Stories and Vault Comics' Vampire: The Masquerade #1 I thought I'd give them a look. Blacksad: Collected Stories Sometimes, there's not much to say about a comic except that it's particularly good and deserves the praise it gets Blacksad is that comic, and Dark[...]
Umbrella Academy Comics Top Amazon Charts As Netflix Season 2 Drops
The three best-selling comic books on Amazon right now are the three volumes of The Umbrella Academy by Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba from Dark Horse Comics Looks like a returning Netflix series really did the trick… The Umbrella Academy, Vol 1 In an inexplicable worldwide event, forty-three extraordinary children were spontaneously born to women who'd previously[...]