Rewriting The Nature Of Paradise Island In Wonder Woman, Today (SPOILERS)

Of late, Wonder Woman has been heavy on the retcon, revealing that Paraside Island, home of Wonder Woman has never been seen in the DC Universe since Wonder Woman left it. That all other appearances have been illusions, simulacra, fakes. She never went home.

And Paradise Island, usually placed in the Bermuda Triangle, though it has the power to travel in time and space, seems to have never been there at all.

And in today's Wonder Woman, we get the revelation that it's not on Earth at all. And joining the likes of K'un Lun as some mystical place on another plane of reality that only intersects with our occasionally.


And fifth dimension? Any chance that could be literal rather than a simile? Because you know who, from the fifth dimension, likes to mess with reality, right?


Time to open that door…


Man, Laura Martin really made that look like it was printed on paper…

Wonder Woman #21 by Greg Rucka and Liam Sharp is published today.

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