So… What If That Wasn't The Chinese New Super-Man In Batman/Superman #32?

s-l1600 (2)So Batman/Superman #32 has been selling for around $15-$20 on the back of speculation that it features the New Super-Man, a character set to be very popular indeed.

Except. Maybe it isn't.

Batman-Superman d

After all, the figure seen is a days-old stabilised child of the Great Ten character Mother Of Champions, filled with Superman's solar flare energy.

And not, as the character was described by writer Gene Luen Yang, as a "17-year-old Kenan Kong, a teenager from Shanghai who inherits the powers of Superman." Nor would he be described as someone "when he starts off, he's kind of a jerk. Once he gets this piece of Superman in him, it will change who he is."


Still, might make for a decent bad guy…

Sell! Sell! Sell!!!

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