Spider-Girl Is… Who Now?

Back in November, Ron Frenz talked about Spider-Verse, and the use of May Parker, Spider-Girl.

"Spider-Girl's been in a very rarefied place, being in a little corner all her own, where Tom DeFalco has always done the lion's share of the handling. What character can claim that, in 16 years they've only been handled, aside from once or twice, by one writer?"

With such a singular voice, Mayday introducing herself as "The Spider-Girl" was enough to stick out to longtime fans.

"'My name is May 'Mayday' Parker, I'm the daughter of Spider-Man.' With all the times it's been used, with all the times it's been done right, why wouldn't he put that in there for easy identification to bring people into the character the way DeFalco always brought people into the character?"

Well, both Frenz and DeFalco are credited for writing the Spider-Girl story in next week' Spider-Verse Team-Up. And how is she announced?

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