Stan Lee's Soapbox for July – From December 1968

Running through Marvel Comics' titles in July, and in memorium of the man's life, will be another of Stan Lee's Soapbox columns originally published in Marvel's titles, this one from December 1968…

Stan Lee's Soapboz for July - From

The next time anyone puts you down for reading a comic mag, try hitting him with this little soliloquy which I've used on various radio and TV guest appearances in the past few months: Comic books are a medium of communication — just as television and motion pictures are. All three employ words and pictures, and all must be judged on their individual merits, A story is a story, whether presented between two covers, or on a screen, If the words have dramatic impact, if the pictures are visually appealing, if the theme is emotionally relevant, then certainly it is worthy of a reader's attention. However. if the quality is lacking, then it rates little consideration. Isn't this equally true of a TV program, a Broadway show. a motion picture, or any other form of entertainment? All we at Marvel ask is that our product be judged on the basis of quality, a quality which we sincerely believe is equal to that found in any other comparable media Marvel Comics today are produced by the finest creative talent available. Read them first, and then decide. Excelsior!

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