Superscript Comics And Games, a Comic Store Opening During a Pandemic

This year, Bleeding Cool has gotten used to reporting the closure of comic book stores all over the place. Far fewer than we were expecting, to be sure, and we are expecting may more before the end of the year. But some have surprised us, a conversation with Piranha comics of London gave us new hope, and now we are reporting on the first opening of a new comic book store in some time.

Superscript Comics And Games, a Comic Store Opening During a Pandemic.
Superscript Comics And Games, a Comic Store Opening During a Pandemic.

Superscript Comics And Games opened last week at 13361 Madison Avenue, Lakewood, Ohio. Its opening was successfully crowdfunded and on July the 3rd at 1pm, they opened their socially distanced doors. They stayed open until 9pm that night and did so for July the 4th as well. Led by Christine, her husband Elliott, and Elliott's life-long friend, Nick, this is how the successfully pitched themselves…

Superscript will provide Lakewood, Ohio with a comprehensive one-stop-shop for comics and tabletop games. Our comic inventory includes weekly comics, trade paperbacks, graphic novels, manga, and selections for kids and young adults. Our game catalog is similarly expansive, feature tabletop board games, roleplaying games, collectible card games, and miniatures games.

The store's comfortable atmosphere will encourage guests to flip through comics, play games, and engage with one another. Our Pull Box subscription, pre-order services, and Superscript XP loyalty program will ensure that every customer is given five-star treatment.

In-store events will help us build a community and foster customer agency. Superscript will tailor events to all ages and levels of product familiarity, from organized play tournaments to casual game mixers and creative workshops. Special focus will be made to engage often-marginalized groups such as women, people of color, and members of the LGBT+ community.

Bleeding Cool tries to mark the passing of comics stores as well as their opening. Existing fanbases are likely to make the former more well known, but please let us know if a comic store is opening or closing in your neighbourhood. Just e-mail

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