The Daily LITG, New Year's Day 2019 – Happy Birthday Sanford Greene

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Five most read stories yesterday.

  1. Timeless Season 3: Rescue Mission Strong! Here's What You Can Do!
  2. Miles Morales to Revisit Infamous Spider-Man Story in Champions #1 (SPOILERS)
  3. Marvel's Conan The Barbarian Will Tell the Story Of His Death
  4. Hindus Call For Apology From Marvel Over Uncanny X-Men #5
  5. Reaper Miniatures Announces new Bones: Black Series

And the fifty most-read stories of 2017 right here.

Happening today:

And a happy birthday to:

  • Sanford Greene, artist on Power Man & Iron Fist, Sonic The Hedgehog, Wonder Girl, The Incidentals.
  • Walter Antonio McDaniel, artist on Deadpool, Wolverine, Deathlok, Spider-Man, and Batman. Founder of Red Dragon Media in China.
  • Comics journalist Giovanni Aria.
  • Mimi Yoon, comics artist on Judge Anderson, Powerpuff Girls.
  • Manuel Monari, employee at Pop Store, Bologna.

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