The Devastator Is Running An Indie Creator Convention Survey – Let's Help Them Out

The comedy comics magazine The Devastator is running an anonymous online survey to help serve indie creators trying to establish a presence at shows and cons, and so far haven't gotten much feedback for the East Coast, so let's help them out. If you're a creator who tables at shows, or would like to, this is a way to be heard and make sure that there are more accommodations in the future to promote indie and creator-owned comics.


For a little background, The Devastator was founded in 2009 and have since been producing quarterly comedy anthologies along themed lines, from "Spies" to "Science-Fiction", "Crossovers" and most recently "Toys". Their contributing artists and writers are often quite high-flying creators who like the ethos of the magazine, and comics are always key.


The goal of the survey is to establish from artists, indie creators, and exhibitors who sell stuff:

1. On average, what kind of gross sales did comic show exhibitors make at shows in 2013?

2. Which shows are the best value? (Table Cost vs. Average Gross Sales)

3. Which shows did people make more at this year? Which ones did they make less at?

 And the link to the survey is:

For further information you can contact:

Main Email: editor at devastatorquarterly dot com


Twitter: @getdevastated



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