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Bluestockings Digital Comics Fest Offers Events, Digital Comics Sales
Bluestockings Cooperative, the New York City progressive worker-owned community space and indie bookstore, runs an online comic con this week with over 200 indie comics for sale as digital downloads. Bluestockings Digital Comics Fest, key art, Bluestockings Cooperative Bluestockings Digital Comics Fest is a week-long event using the bookstore's website as a platform for artists who would[...]
Alternate Reality Comic Black Cotton #1 Goes to Second Print
Credit: Hawkins' Twitter Hawkins, who has previously funded much of his work on Kickstarter, is making a name for himself in indie comics, with new titles coming from Second Sight Publishing with Leave on the Light, a horror/slasher comic, and Zenescope Entertainment with Darkwatchers This collaboration with Scout comes at a time when the company is making[...]
A New Wave of Indie Creators Is Upending Mainstream Comics
It makes sense, of course, because surviving off of indie comics can be a difficult task, and the Big Two can pay page rates that indie companies could never hope to scratch However, the mainstream comics industry is not the end-all-be-all of success in this field In fact, some of the biggest success stories in[...]
Whatever Happened to the Long-running Indie Comic Book Series?
There are four series — three, in the grand scheme of things, recent series — that may not have been greenlit today, that represent, to me, the importance of long-running indie comics. Morning Glories #50 cover Credit: Image Comics. Morning Glories Long before he became a Marvel mainstay known for The Amazing Spider-Man and a controversial run on Captain America, Nick[...]
Machine Girl and the Space Invaders cover. Credit: Red 5 Comics.
Now in a race against time, Hannah tries to learn more about the creature in time to save it. FC · 32 page · $3.95 Available in November Butcher Queen: Planet of the Dead #2 Jim Ousley (w) · Ben Sawyer (a) The full scope of Edvin Ivanoff's sinister plan is revealed, as Syd Kiowa and a mysterious inter-dimensional ally[...]