The People that you meet at San Diego Comic Con: The Cosplayers

By Will Romine

Hello Friends!

I'm having a ball at SDCC.  Unfortunately, I can't bring all of my Bleeding Pals with me.  The next best thing is to try my level best to bring the con to you.  Therefore, I'm running a series of articles called "The People that you meet at San Diego Comic Con." This installment deals with cosplayers.

Webster's defines cosplay as "people who play, in costumes."  Most of these folks spend months perfecting their costumes and strut proudly at conventions, showing off the fruits of their labor.   While it is only natural to admire them. You must respect certain boundaries.

1. Cosplayers take great care to maintain their costume in pristine condition throughout the many days of a convention.  Therefore, don't touch the costume unless you ask first,

2. Cosplayers will want to take a picture with you, but ask first.  They may have a special picture pose which will show off their hard work and provide you with the best quality photo.

3. Cosplayers are attending the convention too.  If they seem to be in a hurry to attend that hot panel, or get a ticket for that limited signing, let them be.  You wouldn't like it if someone tried to detain you, would you?

photo (8)I guess San Diego's finest have a lot to learn about cosplay etiquette.  Don't worry cosplayer, your Hello Kitty costume is every bit adorable as it's inspiration.

Take care folks, I'll be here the whole con.  Follow me @notacomplainer

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