Wonder Woman Cosplay, Michael Grey and The Daily LITG, 6th May 2020

Wonder Woman cosplay appears to have gone viral, but there are some entertaining guesses as to just who Michael Grey is Dan DiDio says it's not him, but the three favourites are Devin Grayson, JMS and Geoff Johns We are also collating a fair few free Amazon graphic novels from the big boys Welcome all,[...]


Wonder Woman, Cosplay and the Daily LITG, 4th May 2020

Such an innocent, halcyon time, right? Days when Wonder Woman getting mistaken as a cosplayer wouldn't make the big headlines Times have changed Welcome all, to the daily Lying In The Gutters a long-running run around the day before and the day ahead You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here.[caption id="attachment_1201654"[...]

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When Wonder Woman Gets Mistaken as a Cosplayer

But one threat in the DC Universe that she has much more difficulty defeating, it seems, is the belief that she's just doing cosplay of herself Again in the first Wonder Woman Agent Of Peace digital first issue, whether that's at the police station with Harley Quinn trying to get them to arrest her foe[...]

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How Cosplayers Are Helping Our Front Liners With Handmade Masks

Cosplayers from across America have started making cloth masks, and 3-D printed PPE's, to help hospitals and medical staff These cosplayers highlighted today have turned their cosplay sewing stations into mask sewing stations, showing that we really are all in this together.[caption id="attachment_1191455" align="aligncenter" width="600"] A series of handmade masks by cosplayers[...]

A Little Look at the Comics and Cosplay of London Film And Comic Con – Spring

Mad weekend, Onward yesterday morning, Forbidden Planet signing and pub afterwards, covering C2E2 and today heading to the final day of the London Film And Comic Con Spring Edition, a two-day affair with less of a comics focus than the main summer show – though having the same weekend as San Diego Comic Con should […]

ColourPop's new Sailor Moon line will help you fight evil by moonlight!

ColourPop's New Sailor Moon Line Will Help You Fight Evil by Moonlight!

ColourPop's newest collection has officially launched — and it's turning people everywhere into their favorite magical school girl! The ColourPop x Sailor Moon collection was an instant hit, with items selling out almost as soon as they launched. The collection comes with the following magical items: Pretty Guardian Shadow Palette ($20) Shining Moon – Pale Peach […]

Step up your cosplay game with ColorPop's Soft Glam line!

Step up Your Cosplay Game With ColorPop's Soft Glam Line!

With convention season in full swing, it's time to look at ways to up your cosplay game Makeup has long been used to enhance one's features, but makeup can also enhance your cosplay as well! One of my favorite cosmetic lines -- ColorPop -- has embraced the newest makeup trend, #softglam! Soft glam embraces the[...]

Looking to dress up as Harley Quinn for Galentine's Day?

Looking To Dress Up As Harley Quinn For Galentine's Day?

Now with Birds of Prey in theaters, her costumes have upped the antics, and even her fellow heroes look just as impressive![caption id="attachment_1159752" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Photos courtesy of Hot Topic[/caption]Her Universe DC Comics Birds of Prey Harley Quinn Caution Tape Cosplay Jacket $89.90This jacket will be one of the hottest cosplay items to come from the[...]

Phoenix Comicon Gunman Sentenced to 25 Years

Phoenix Comicon 'Punisher' Gunman Sentenced to 25 Years

Cosplaying as The Punisher, he managed to get through security with an arsenal of weapons consisting of three loaded handguns, a loaded shotgun, a combat knife, pepper spray and throwing stars as well as wearing body armourCharged with attempted first-degree murder, attempted aggravated assault, aggravated assault of an officer, resisting arrest, misconduct with body armour,[...]

Still need a costume for Katsucon? has you covered!

Still Need a Costume for Katsucon? Can Help You!

The popular annual anime con brings out some of the best cosplay in the world But if you're like me, you're just here for a good time Looking for some easy, last minute costumes just to wear? has everything you need to enjoy Katsucon!Mario, Luigi and Bowser Romper $24.99 (each)Going to the con with your[...]

The Cosplay Of Winter Comiket 97 in Tokyo

The Cosplay Of Comiket Winter 97 in Tokyo

So many people can make some cosplay performances look rather distressing...コミケの闇をご覧くださいwwww@66TBattery @5atan19 #コミケ97 #コミケ97コスプレ #コミケの闇 #コミケ3日目 — 松岡奈々@コミケ31午後から屋上 (@chonachonawill2) December 30, 2019...but most seems to have gone without a hitch Here's a look at more cosplay from Comiket shared on social media.More pics from comiket yesterday — 🦇🍄mush🍄🦇 (@shmorb) December 28, 2019 View this post on[...]

Visiting Amazicon 2019; The Intimate Con That Could Plus Cosplay Pictures

Visiting Amazicon 2019; The Intimate Con That Could Plus Cosplay Pictures

The cosplay was fun and eclectic, with people of all ages getting in character One of the unique features of this con is the Saturday night after-party, which is open to all Amazicon attendees Most convention after-parties require an additional ticket, but showrunner Mike Creager wants everyone to join in.Amazicon also does a good job[...]


Cosplay Left Me Before I Left the Cosplay Community [OPINION]

So this is the true story of why I left the cosplay community...You may want to put your seatbelt on, because this story is going to get a little bumpy.Now, if you're unaware, cosplay is a hobby where people dress up as in costumes, generally of characters from comics or movies or tv shows, and[...]


COSPLAY 9-1-1: 5 Things This Cosplayer Needs You to Know Before NYCC [OPINION]

Hi there! This is your friendly neighborhood cosplay kid here, Always Adriel Cosplay I'm not in the game so much anymore, but before I was a world-renowned television commentator/reviewer for Bleeding Cool? I was super active in it not so long ago and still hold costuming, conventions, and the culture close to my heart.For the[...]

A Little Cosplay at Notting Hill Carnival 2019

A Little Cosplay at Notting Hill Carnival For Children's Day

Cosplay Oh, people always dress up, but this year there seemed to be more of a superhero theme than usual And there were quite a few Black Panthers, Spider-Men, Harley Quinns and Poison Ivies around the place...I went down with the kids today, arrived early, left early, may just go solo tomorrow...The Notting Hill Carnival[...]

CBR, and a Little Weekend Cosplay Shaming

CBR, and a Little Weekend Cosplay Shaming

All declarations of interest on the table.Anyway, last week, CBR's Facebook page pushed an article from one of their partner sites, TheThings.comThe article shows photos of lots of cosplayers, criticising their costuming and, during so, mistaking the She-Hulk costumer above as a 'gender-bent' Hulk Many are clearly fun costumes, meant to quite silly, but judged[...]