These Gifts Will Please Anyone Who's Feeling Like Archie This Season!

With a few more shopping days left, it's time to focus on the most important shopping list of them all — shopping for the Archie Comics fan in your life. Now, while you can go hog wild and buy all of the Riverdale merchandise, it's important to note that not all classic Archie comic fans are also fans of Riverdale. Therefor I present to you — a classic Archie Comics gift guide!

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Jug Life Jughead T Shirt

Jughead Jones is the most important character* in Archie history. Celebrate the greatest comic character of all time with this Jug Life shirt.

*You can't change my mind.

Riverdale Varsity Jacket


While this jacket is featured a lot in Riverdale, it's also seen on Archie in the comics. Archie's iconic blue and yellow jacket will look great on you!

Archie: Running 'Round Riverdale Board Game


School is out for the day, and Archie can't wait to leave. It's up to you to outwit your fellow players and be the first to reach Pop's Chocl'Lit Shoppe!

The Art of Betty and Veronica


This beautiful hardcover book has some of the best art ever done of Betty and Veronica. Featuring art by Bob Montana, Dan DeCarlo, and Dan Parent, there's something in here for everyone. As an added bonus, I even have a small introduction in this book.

1000pc Classic Archie Jigsaw Puzzle


Need something to do to pass the time this holiday season? This 1000 piece puzzle is exactly what you need. Featuring the classic Archie love triangle, this will really make you ask — Betty or Veronica?

Life With Archie blanket


This plush blanket features the famous three on a milkshake cover from Life With Archie. Stay warm this winter with this adorable plush blanket!

Pop's Cock'Lit Shoppe Wallet


It's the end of the day, and you know what that means! Time to hang out at Pop's. This wallet will let the world know where you prefer to get your milkshakes.

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Keds Betty & Veronica Anchor Shoe


Keds are known to be impossibly comfortable, and these are no exception! Featuring everyone's favorite best friends, these stylish shoes are the perfect way to tell the world you love Archie.


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